Monday, October 23, 2017

Gina's Visit

Victoria and I went to visit Gina in Minneapolis this past July
It was such a fantastic weekend and during it we convinced Gina to come and visit us in Green Bay.
Everyone knows Gina only returns to Green Bay for Christmas, weddings, and funerals.
So this was a big deal for us.

She arrived Friday evening and had dinner with her parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephews.
Victoria and I then got invited to go and have drinks over at Gina's parents house(aka my aunt and uncles). We began right where we left off, which means we made fun of each other and laughed out our inside jokes, while everyone else seemed to be confused. At the end of the night we tucked Gina into bed and headed home.

The next day Victoria, Olivia, my mom, and I woke up early for our cities first ever Cafe Crawl!
The cafe's/coffee shops in our downtown area were providing free samples and a trolley was driving people from place to place. There was also the Saturday farmers market in that area, which we walked through. We had a ton of fun and had plenty of caffeine.

We then headed home to change and meet up with Gina.
I stayed behind while Victoria went with Olivia.
When Gina arrived I told my mom to go outside and greet her by saying that Victoria and I weren't even home yet. I got some really mean texts from Gina, before she walked inside and saw me standing there. 

We all hopped in my moms car and headed to White Dog Black Cat for lunch and bloody mary's.
It took us 30 minutes to arrive, because my mother kept having to stop at places.
At one point she regretted not getting flowers at the farmers market. So she drove slowly down the street that the Farmers Market was on to see if anyone left any behind. We found a carrot, which my mother wanted me to grab. I didn't. Lunch was a lot of fun. At one point my mother mentioned that she had better boobs than me. After lunch my mom left us and we headed to The Cannery for another drink. It was literally down the street and Olivia kept pulling into the wrong drive-way and made it so complicated! It was very entertaining.  We finally headed back to the loft where we spent a few hours catching up and continuing to day drink. We were finding the stupidest shit funny. 

After having a family dinner we headed downtown. We started the night at the Libertine and C Street. After a few drinks we headed to Gasoline, which was surprisingly pretty empty. There was a band playing and there was 2-3 other people watching the band, besides our group. The four of us brought out our white girl dance moves and took over the dance floor. I'm sure we looked ridiculous, but we were having the time of our lives dancing and laughing. I ran into one of my co-workers who just started working where I work. I gave her a big hug and had some sort of conversation with her. She was definitely not expecting to see me that drunk. Oh well! We were so fucked up and decided we wanted to be around more people so we took an uber to another bar, which was even more empty. So we walked to our least favorite strip of bars, but they at least had people. I ran into my nursing school friend Emily, which was nice. We only stayed out for a little while longer, before having my little sister pick us up.

Back at the loft we sat in a circle and told each other what we loved about each other.
Gina and I wrestled. She's a black belt and I wanted to see if I could take her down.
I did. To be fair she stopped taking karate 15 years ago and she's like 5 feet tall and 90 lbs. I don't tell people that part when I mention I beat a black belt. 
Of course we had a topless Saturday, which is our end of night activity. 
We danced and listened to some really great music, before people started to fall asleep.
I could not fall asleep and my tossing and turning was driving Gina crazy!

The next morning we dragged our butts out of bed and went tailgating at the Packers game.
It was so cold!
Gina got to meet a lot of our friends.
We decided to go into the bars during the game, because we were cold.
I think we watched a few seconds of the game.
We spent a lot of time just talking with each other and acting ridiculous.
After the game my sister drove me, Victoria, Gina, Ali, Amanda, and Kevin to Ali's house.

Amanda wanted to paint our boobs again and Gina got to participate. 
Kevin was the official photographer and we posed for so many pictures. 
He was so drunk and they turned out awful even though he thought he was doing such a good job.

Kevin: Do you guys mind if I take my pants off? I feel like that would be the fair thing to do.
Victoria: Kevin I see your penis all the time( This is a very true statement). Do whatever you want.
Gina: I haven't seen a penis in person in so long.
Kevin: (takes pants off)
Gina: Yep, they still look the same.
Kevin: You know you're gay when your dick is soft when you're surrounded by beautiful topless women.
Gina to me and Victoria: I love your friends. 

We took an Uber back to the loft and decided to have a movie night.
Our movie of choice was Hocus Pocus!
Gina and Victoria did not help me at all prepare for movie night.
I had to carry the tv up two flights of stairs and figure out how to connect my laptop to it.
Once I figured that shit out we cuddled on the couch with wine.
When my mom got home she came upstairs and started to tell us stories about her 20s.
It was a lot of fun. 
She wanted to see our painted boobs so we all showed her without even flinching.
It was a really great ending to a wonderful weekend.
Gina left early the next morning.

I love all the unique people that we have in our lives.
I especially loved introducing one of my favorite family members to them.
It's really great seeing people you love bond with other people that you love. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Butt Club

Victoria decided to start a book club at the beginning of September. She thought it would be a great way to bring together our friends, force us to read books we may not have picked out for ourselves, and give us something new to try. Someone once misheard us talking about book club, and thought we said butt club. We are now adult women that refer to our book club as a butt club.

Our friend Brittney suggested the book Spoonbenders for September, which was definitely not a book I would have chosen to read myself, but it ended up being really great! There were only four participants this month, but we figured that every month would bring in different people depending on what their schedule looks like. We met up at a brewhouse, ordered some appetizers, and downed a lot of beer. We discussed the book for a while, but of course made our way through so many other conversation topics. My favorite part of the night was when we went around the table and told stories about our parents catching us doing dumb shit as kids. I'm really looking forward to our next meeting! All four of us have already bought our book for October, which is Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Full Moon and Birthday Girls

On Wednesday, Amanda turned the big 2-9!
Victoria and I met up with her and a few other friends to celebrate her birthday.
Amanda had a friend that was bartending in a dive bar that we had never been to before.
There was karaoke, which kept us entertained for a while!
The bartender would take her turn singing behind the bar, this adorable 80 year old woman sang a few songs, and of course our group participated.
It was a lot of fun!
Amanda headed home before bar close so Victoria and I headed to Frets for open mic.
We did our usual Wednesday night routine that involves drinking too much, hanging out with the regulars, finding new friends, and hating on Casey.
At bar close we went with a group of people back to someone's house where they played guitar for us. It was a fun night.

Friday night was a full moon, which meant something crazy was going to happen.
After work I joined Victoria, Jade, Blake, and Michael for a few drinks at White Dog.
Kevin was bartending, which meant we were getting our moneys worth in alcohol.
After a few drinks we decided a photo shoot outside was necessary. 

We then headed to another bar called C Street where we ran into a bitchy old lady named Denise.
She managed to insult Victoria's dreadlocks, gay bash our gay friend, and ridicule our friends decision to dye her hair. Apparently, dyeing your hair is the same as being a meth addict. We did not stay at that bar for long!

We headed to Jade's house where Michael gave us sharpie tattoos and I saw everyone naked at some point in the night. I always forget that most people do not run around topless or naked around their friends. It has become such a normal thing for the people I consider to be my friends. It all started in Austin, Texas when Victoria and I decided to host our first Topless Thursday. It was a slow start, but the idea has really taken off!

Saturday night was our friend Alli's 29th birthday!
A lot of our friends turned 29 this year, actually.
We went to C Street again and crossed our fingers that Denise wouldn't be there.
She showed up halfway through our night and made it known by walking outside to tell us it was illegal to stand outside of a bar with our drinks. Thank you so much, Denise. We all walked back inside, but Victoria and I decided to confront Denise about her issues with us. She was not pleased and I don't really think we accomplished much.

Someone had claimed the juke box and insisted on playing Tom Petty all night.
We all love Tom Petty and he has so many great songs, but we were sick of it after a few hours.
Our plan was to head to a strip club after the bar, but we ended up at Lesley and Ryan's house instead.

Lesley invited her Uber driver to join us.
He was a 22 year old from Haiti that was missing an arm.
I think his name was Omar and he seemed to be a nice guy.
He surprisingly stayed for a long time.

Alli just moved to town and had yet to experience a Topless Thursday(Saturday).
We also had a few other people that were newbies as well.
Poor Omar. 
He probably had no idea what the hell was going on while we were running around without our shirts on.

We were all really wasted, but Ryan's friend Jared won the prize.
He started to paint on Lesley's newly painted art studio walls.
He called it a masterpiece, but really it looked like a two year old found paint and decided to scribble on a wall. Lesley and Ryan played it cool, but I'm sure once they sober up they will not be thrilled.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Sunday Funday

Victoria and I decided to take a Sunday off of work and have a Sunday Funday.
We first stopped at Starbucks to pick up our basic white girl Pumpkin Spice Latte's and our friend Heather was working. We made ourselves look like idiots and held up the drive-thru line talking about recent vintage clothing finds. 
While driving away we saw a bumper sticker that said, " Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats." We made that our motto for the day, because we are the daughters that would date a democrat and our fathers would not be pleased. 
While waiting for Alli to arrive we poured booze into our latte's and drank wine out of champagne glasses.We then headed out to pick some apple's! The Apple Orchard was filled with families with small children and we definitely stood out. We asked one of the families to take a picture of us hanging out on logs and they questioned why we would want we picture on them with piles of dirt in the background. At one point Lesley had to pee and decided to go behind one of the piles of dirt to pee, which would have been a private area, but apparently that is where the tractor pulling the wagon turns around. Our state of panic was hilarious when we realized we couldn't save Lesley from being exposed.

After we gathered our apples we went to get lunch and mimosa's!
My nursing school friend was bartending and it was nice to catch up with her.
Alex and Whitney just happened to be at the same bar and joined us.
Afterwards, we picked up cans of Four Locos and headed back to Lesley's house.
We needed a designated driver at this point and recruited my little sister. 
She picked us up and we headed to a park to watch some of the guys play bike polo.
We are classy ladies who drink out of brown paper bags.
We are such role models.

After the game a group of us headed to a restaurant for beer and pizza.
Our group has a hot mess at this point and get separated for a brief period of time.
A few of us headed to Lesley's house and everyone else headed to another bar.
We finally reunited and got super into a game of Heads Up, until Ryan kicked us out, because we were being too loud while we was trying to sleep. Lame.
Victoria and I got into a fight on the way home and proceeded to wrestle and cuddle. 
Which is our way of saying we love each other, but are still mad. 
It was such a great Sunday funday and a perfect start of October!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer 2017

I had such a hard time keeping up with my blog this past summer. I've had this thing since middle school and it gets more and more difficult to keep updated as I get older and my life gets more busy. I did have a nice reminder about how I love looking back on old blog posts and being reminded about moments in my life that I have since forgotten about...or at least forgotten the details about. I'm really glad I've kept up with the good ole' blog for this many years, even though it hasn't always been easy. I would love to create blog posts for every single crazy night or adventure I go on that would be difficult. Here are some pictures from moments I didn't blog about this summer...

The band playing at Gasoline wanted to know where a good place to eat was.
So we brought them to the Truck Stop!
This was the only picture I had from that night.

Casey's artwork!

Casually posing topless with fish.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Park Picnic

It was Victoria's last day of summer and we wanted to celebrate it to the max.
We brought some food and alcohol for a picnic in the park.
They live within walking distance of the park and we could hear their dog Koda whining all the way back at their place. So Amanda went and got him. We acted us our guard dog.

We downed our mimosas, ate our picnic food, and made Amanda go on a beer run for us.
We spent a long time at the park telling embarrassing stories and talking about past relationships.
Hanna's aunt even stopped by to say, "Hi."
When it got dark we headed to Lesley and Ryan's house where we found Ryan and Collin.
We all walked to Joey's house and demanded his presence for dinner.
We then walked to a tiny hole in the wall Mexican restaurant.
The food was really good!
On our walk home we played music and danced in the street.

When we arrived back at Lesley and Ryan's house Lesley had just arrived home!
She of course had to change her out multiple times, before joining the party. 
The "men" decided it out be a good time to start a project in the attic, which involved these fancy outfits. Lesley was also working on a embroidery projects. Who said you can't be productive and party at the same time?