Saturday, July 15, 2017


Before I even started nursing school everyone brought up the NCLEX. The NCLEX is an exam every person with a nursing degree needs to pass in order to become a licensed RN. It's a computerized exam where you have to answer a certain amount of questions(minimum amount is 75 and maximum amount is 265). After completing the minimum 75 questions the exam could shut off anytime meaning you passed, failed, answered the maximum amount of questions, or ran out of time. I've been preparing to take this exam since I started nursing school. I took it on July 12th and had to answer only 75 questions, which is great, because I was already getting antsy and it also sucked, because I was sure I had failed. Two hours later while driving and using my phone as a GPS I got an email notification from the state. I knew that this email would either say I passed or fail. So being a smart health care professional I opened my email, while driving and learned that I was officially an RN!

All my hard work finally paid off and I officially have the RN initials after my name. 

Victoria was the first person I told and she of course insisted on picking me up and spinning me around, before making me take a shot. Lesley spent a lot of time chanting, "Rae passed" in between chugging her alcoholic beverages, because it was also her birthday. I called my mom who answered and said, "I'll call you back" and then proceeded to hang up right when I said I passed the NCLEX. She's the best. I did call her back eventually and we had a good laugh about the incident.

Shout out to my parents and Victoria for dealing with my craziness the past few years. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lesley and Ryan's Birthday

We have a lot of cancers in our friend group, which means the summer is full of birthday celebrations! 

I had to work during the beginning of Ryan's birthday celebration, but met up with the group back at the house. They were making Mint Juleps when I arrived, which were so yummy!

Eventually, the party moved to the backyard. Ryan was struggling to start the fire so Lesley and I had to take over. His failed attempt was very entertaining! Augie and Joey entertained us with their guitar playing skills and we got to hear a few Augie originals. 

Lesley insisted that all the girls gather and go to her closet.
I thought we were going to hang out and have a few heart-to-hearts, but no she just wanted to pick out new outfits for us. 
This girl is almost 30, but still loves playing dress up!
My outfit consisted of stripped overalls with a funky top that belongs in the 80's.
It was a great way to celebrate Ryan's big day!

Lesley's birthday was a few days later. 
I always seem to have shit going on the day off my friends birthdays!
I had my NCLEX exam in the afternoon and afterwards I met up with everyone.
We drank grasshoppers,,,or more like Ryan made me chug grasshoppers. 
My parents called and asked me to meet up and get a few drinks with them so I ducked out for a while. 

When I returned everyone was ready for Round 2.
We headed to Grazi's for food and more drinks.
We were so drunk and loud talking about stuff that was not family friendly.
Our next stop was Badger State where we hung out at the beer garden.
Victoria fell in love with the dogs out there.
There was a slight beer fight, which wasted a lot of beer, but made for a lot of laughs.

Just like that we crossed off more 2017 birthdays. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

Victoria's 22nd Birthday

We didn't need to cut Victoria off for this birthday!
We started the day by going to the beach with Whitney.
It was really relaxing and we got to see professional sand castle builders building stuff.
We were pretty drunk after our beach outing and I got to sneak in a quick nap with Boots.

Round 2 was spent at Los Banditos for dinner with a group of really great girls!
We shared many laughs and good conversation over marg's and Mexican food.
We then decided to walk across the street to Cock N' Bull for more drinks, which turned out to be very entertaining.
Apparently, a group of women walking down the street warrants many car honks and shout-out's from drivers. I believe we were at 8 honks and two shout-out's by the time the light turned green and allowed us to walk.

Our next stop was Black Cat White Dog for more drinks and lots of dancing.
We picked some great tunes and had the entire restaurant/bar to ourselves.
Imagine a group of fifteen grown ass adults dancing to Monster Mash and Tubthumping. 

After Black Cat closed we walked over to the Sardine Can, actually we more like stumbled over.
Our entire group was a shit show.
We are all a pretty lovey group and everyone seemed to be making out with each other.
Victoria was just starting to get over strep throat, which she managed to pass onto four other people, because of that night. 
This old man kept buying me drinks, which was nice!

At bar close we all headed to Lesley and Ryans house.
Which turned into a Topless Thursday, because that has become our favorite way of ending our nights.
Lesley was apparently our entertainment for the night...

....until she passed out.

Happy 22nd Birthday, my love!
I hope this next year of life is filled with so much happiness!
I have a feeling it is going to be a good one for so many different reasons.
I'm so grateful to have you as my best friend/roommate/sister/soulmate...that "/" could go on for a while, but you get the picture. 
Cheers to being 22!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Miami, Florida

We decided to take a day trip to Miami with the crew.
We didn't have much of a plan, but everything ended up perfect!

Our first stop was Miami Beach, which was filled with tan and very in-shape people.
It was a really beautiful beach and it felt good to dip our toes in the water. 
We then walked around and did a little shopping at the stores around the beach. 
It was such a hot day and popping in and out of the air conditioned stores was nice!
We stopped at a cute french bakery called Le Chic where we shared a baguette and got some drinks.

Our next stop was the Bayside Marketplace where we listened to a band and people watched.
There were people from all walks of life dancing to the music and it was really fun to watch!
Our last destination was the Wynwood Art District, which was my favorite part of Miami!
They took a really run down area and filled the abandoned buildings with art galleries, cute stores, and hip bars. The area was so colorful! 

There was live music and lots of food trucks to enjoy in the area as well.
We explored for a long time, before hanging out at a cafe sipping on milkshakes.
We just sat with each other and talked about our entire trip and the funny memories.
We sadly had to drop off Ted at the airport, before heading back to Orlando.
Miami was a beautiful city with so much culture!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Florida with Phillip and Ted

Florida has become my home away from home.
Victoria's family always welcomes me with open arms!
This time was no different, except Phillip and Ted joined in on the fun.

We hit up a ton of cute coffee shops(Stardust, Austin's, and the Drunken Monkey), bars (Spatz, Lil Indies, Sly Fox, Big Daddy's, Red Light Red Light), and natural springs(Wekiva and Rock Springs). It was a nice mix of our favorites and some new additions. 

Having the boys around was a blast!
We were constantly up to random shit and always up for a new adventure.
We locked the keys in the truck in the Walmart parking lot one evening.
We spent so long trying to unlock it with strings and wire, but failed.

One night we were out drinking and Victoria pissed off a lesbian.
I covered her ass by saying she was my fiance and we spent the rest of the night with this other engaged lesbian couple talking about wedding planing. Victoria's sister went a long with it and it turned out to be a really funny night!

We went drinking in downtown Orlando with our friend Lauren.
We met in elementary school and had a love/hate relationship with her.
It has turned into all love and no hate now that we are adults.
It was great grabbing a few drinks with her.
Ted interrupted the festivities by getting wasted and being kicked out of the bar, but Phillip was kind enough to drive him home so Victoria and I could stay out.
We were so drunk and at one point Victoria tried to kick me out of Orlando.
It became our inside joke the rest of the trip.

One of my favorite nights was when we sang Karaoke at Big Daddy's.
We pre-gamed hard at home and then had to act sober while dropping off Eva at Oma's house.
We thought the drop-off would be quick, but ended up having to converse with Scott for a while.
We then had to hit up so many gas stations to get enough tostidos for us, because they sounded great to all of us. We finally made it to Big Daddy's where we sang karaoke all night.
It was a night full of laughs!

I'm honestly Florida's biggest fan!
I have the greatest time whenever we go.
We don't even hit up the amusement parks!
Ted and Phillip made this trip even more special and I'm glad they came.