Monday, July 27, 2009

Pray For Stellan!

Little Stellan is once again in the hospital because of his SVT. His medications don't seem to be controlling it any longer and will be going to Boston tomorrow for yet another ablation hoping to help his heart. He is hanging in there but his little body can only take so much. Please pray for this little boy and his family. Chances are after his ablation he will have a pacemaker the rest of his life. Prayer does wonders!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Top Seven.

My favorite blogs:

Kelly's Korner: I was just randomly looking at blogs and managed to stumble upon hers. Her daughter Harper is such a doll! I love how open she is about her faith and many other things!

MckMama: Almost everybody in the blog world has heard of this mommy of 4. I started reading her blog a week before her youngest son Stellan was born. I have been hooked ever since. She carries her babies in slings, makes her own baby food, doesn't own a TV, and manages to raise 4 kids under the age of 4!

A Wrinkle In Time: This blog isn't as popular as Kelly's or MckMama's but I still love the blog. Her son Nathan is adorable and she is expecting another one! Her blog is funny and smart!

Steeces Pieces: This mommy blogger makes raising Quads look easy. I love reading her posts about raising her four toddlers Ethan, Ben, Drew, and Savannah. With her writing and posts you feel like your right along side her during all the action.

Heidi's Blog: Another not so popular blog but OMG! This lady is hilarious. Every time I read her blog I practically fall of my chair from laughter. She makes everyday experiences 10x better with her witty comments.

Kingstons Mom: Her blog isn't hilarious or really popular but its real. She blogs about her simple life and that's what I like about it. She doesn't have Quads or a sick child she is just real and that's why I love her blog.

4 littlemen and girly twins: So this blogger mommy has six kids(4boys and 2girls). She home schools and at the time lives at a farm. Her life seems so hectic but she makes it seem so easy. Her children are cute and her photography is pretty great!

I hope you get to enjoy these blogs like I do!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Activities!

I love summer! No homework, no limit on the times you can hit the snooze button, and warm summer days and nights! So here are a few of my favorite summer activities....
I love the feeling you get from biking. It's a great way to get around and good exercise. I bike to my friends house's, Target, and many other places. At night I take long bike rides with my friends and we watch the sunset. Without my bike I'm not sure what I would do!
I have so much fun camping with my friends or family! I like cooking over the campfire, learning to live without technology(Which is very hard for me), and sleeping out in the great outdoors. Seriously nothing beats sleeping in a sleeping bag and waking up to birds chirping!
Bon Fires:
So I guess this can go along with camping but you can also just enjoy this in someones back yard. I love it when my friends call and invite me to a bon fire. It's a great time to be able to talk, and hang out.
Gilmore Girls:
During the summer I manage to go through all of the seasons! It's just such a great show and it makes you feel like you actually live in Stars Hollow. When I finish all of the seasons I miss all the people that I have watched even though the don't even exist. I would love to have Lorelai has a mom(Even though I love my mom) and to live in that small of a town!
Desperate Housewives:
Seriously Blockbuster makes a killing because of me! Another one of my favorite shows to watch is Desperate Housewives. They are hilarious and they put a great twist to the life in the suburbs. At times I'm not sure what these ladies are thinking but hey you gotta love them!
My favorite thing to do in the summer is sleep. I'm more of a night owl and I hate getting up in the morning. So being able to set my alarm and then being able to hit the snooze button a million times not even worrying about what time I have to get up is awesome. During the summer I never go to sleep before 1am and that means I normally don't get up till 10am or later.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

So today is my birthday. At 10:13am I will be a year older. Im really excited because Im the youngest one out of all my friends and I was starting to feel left out. So right when I start feeling back in the loop my friends just start adding another year. This will actually be my first birthday at home in four years! I have been in Colorado my past birthdays with my friend. My parents are taking me out to dinner and then Im getting my gifts! Whatever they are.

Also my Grandmother turned 80 on Tuesday and she had a big birthday bash. She is my only living grandparent so she means the world to me and Im hoping for many more years with her.

Also tomorrow is my friends birthdays Josh is going to be 16 and Ashley is going to be 15.

So can you guess how old I will be?