Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer is gone. School is here

School has started! This summer went way to fast. Im going to miss sleeping in and spending all day with my friends. So here are a few memories from this summer...

Six Flags:

I went to six flags with my mom, sister, and my bff. My mom hates rollarcoasters but she promised to go on at least one. So of course we had to make her go on SUPERMAN! I still dont think she has forgive me yet. I also got the worst sunburn in my life!


I went camping a few times this summer with my family and then with my friends. I had a blast sitting around the campfire chilling. I learned to pitch my own tent by myself and felt very proud!


I went to a lot of parties this summer and had a blast! From Graduation parties to beginning of summer parties it was all great. I love the crazy things that happen during parties...

Being able to hit the snooze button as many times as u want feels so good! Even though I dont remember my time sleeping..I remember hitting snooze.