Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be?
I always loved the idea of cruising around with my friends in a Jeep Wrangler with the top off. So I guess that would be my car of choice at the moment. Since money is not a factor I assume I would be loaded so I don't have to worry about how much it would be to fuel that baby up.

2. What was your worst first date ever?
I haven't had a bad first date yet. Or any date that was that horrible. I have been dragged along as the third wheel on a few dates though(shows what a good friend I am! because my friend wasn't allowed to officially date. Those were bad! And then there was that one time when I was stuck in a tent with a friend and her boyfriend.....but that's another story for another time!

3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
I have yet to fall in love yet with a guy. A few guys have told me that they "loved" me but it's a major turn off if they say it within weeks of dating! Lets just say those relationships didn't last long.

4. When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?
I don't have a checkbook!

5. If you were going to fashion a "Wanted" Ad for a best friend, how would you word it?
Well, I already have amazing best friends so I don't think I would need to put an Ad out anytime soon. If I did though I would want the characteristics my current friends have...they are hilarious, caring, smart, one of a kind, amazing, make me laugh constantly, allow me to act myself, understanding, my partners in crime, spunky, unique, good listeners, honest, trust-worthy and so much more!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh the joys of softball

7I never fail to embarrass myself while playing softball! My little scenes create lots of jokes, stories, and nicknames. Last year alone I managed to catch a ball in my crotch and then there was a 1st to 2nd base issue...nobody remembers that though!

On Monday I managed it once again to embarrass myself! For people that don't play softball this may sound so confusing! Sorry...maybe you should start playing softball!

 I struck out the first 2 times I was at bat. So my coach wasn't very happy with me when it was my turn to bat again. I had a full count( 3 balls and 2 strikes for all you none softball players) and I somehow managed to hit the ball to center field. I was in shock until I heard "Rae run!" and I took off...of course I almost tripped going to 1st base. The next time I was at bat I once again had a full count and I hit the ball to center. The chick somehow managed to drop the ball and my coach told me to run! So I listened to my coach(even though she was wrong!) and started running towards 2nd. Center field threw the ball to 2nd, I stopped and turned around to head back to 1st, 2nd base throws the ball to 1st, 1st misses it, and I dart to 2nd and make it to the base! How I managed to deal with that I don't know but here comes the embarrassing part.

Next batter hits it out to right field. I knew I didn't have to run and the chances of the girl catching it was high but my coach just kept insisting I come. So I started running to 3rd, the girl caught the ball which meant I had to make it back to 2nd! I turned around starting running, I feel myself starting to fall, I hit the ground and my helmet comes flying off, I get back up and start running(with my helmet still off) to 2nd and I slide( I should of been out already but the girl got confused when I fell, so she didn't throw the ball to get me out) only to get out right then and there.

I ended up being the last out of the game. My coaches did not stop apologizing to me for the confusion. I got told I was going to make a fantastic batter/runner in the future. I also got to say the closing prayer..which only seniors get to do the majority of the time! It was a good game in all though.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Birth Order

I always found articles about how the "birth order" effected kids interesting.

You see Im the oldest. I have 1 younger sister. I've seen the signs of being the "older" sibling many times, but I've also seen those traits in my sister. said this about the older sibling
"Like those only children, firstborns are perfectionists who are used to being the center of attention and can often be counted on to be reliable and responsible. They love to please as well as be the best in everything (which is why so many are famous world leaders), but if they fail at doing so or at keeping your attention, they may become discouraged and misbehave."
Im not a perfectionists at all. I dont mind being the center of attention when Im with my friends. If Im not with them then Im perfectly content being in the crowd watching the center of attention. I like to think of myself of being reliable and responsible. Sometimes I do fail in these categories. I like being the kind of person that another person feels comfortable to go to when they need help. Im the friend that would bail you out of jail without question(If I wasnt in jail next to you...which would most likely be the case.) I like being there for my friends. If they need a shoulder to cry on then Im there...and Im good at reminding people of things. Oh and Im the farthest away from being the "best" at things. I have yet to find something that Im the best in. My friends beat me in everything from athletic to smart.

Lilsugar also says this about the youngest sibling.

"No one puts baby in a corner — in fact, the youngest is many times the "boss" of the family as well as the most easygoing, creative, and rebellious. But it's not all easy; youngest children may often feel like they aren't taken seriously and that everyone else is more capable than them."
My sister is....ridiculous. She plays the youngest card way to well. She gets her way a lot and does a lot of things that I wasn't allowed to do at her age. She isn't exactly the "boss" but can play the ropes that I have set up for her. Since being the older sibling means that your the test run for parents. They say "no" to things and then realize it's fine later on...then allowing the young sibling to do that exact same thing! I can boss her around though. I tend to tell her to go get things for me and she willingly does. It comes in handy!

So does the order birth really effect you?

I'm not sure. She talks to strangers, I stay far away. She doesn't care what others think(most of the time), I do a lot of the time. I have a few close friends, she has a few not so close but still friends. I love staying home alone, she gets scared and doesn't. I don't like sports, she loves sports. She likes watching movies all day on Saturdays, I enjoy doing the same thing!

What do you think?

Check out the link:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

And this is just the beginning

We have a bunch of crazy girls on my softball team. Which, makes it funny and interesting every game and practice! You never know when something is going to slip out of their mouth and when they are going to tackle you to the ground. You are seriously always on your toes around them. The coaches have given up trying to make us more serious. Here are a few of my favorite things that have came out of some peoples mouths lately.

Carley was hitting a ball off of a tee, missed the ball, hit the tee, and snapped the top of the tee off. Our coach is named Kelly.

Gabby: Coach, Carley broke the tee!
Carley: Shut up Kelly....oops I mean Gabby!

Kellie: (laughs) You better of been talking to Gabby!
Carley: (tosses plastic piece behind her back and over the fence) You have no evidence of it now!

We were going over signs for softball. Logyn is the pitcher and Gabby is the catcher.

Kellie: Logyn, what was your pitcher sign when you were catcher?
Logyn: you really want to know?
Kellie: Yes, it would be nice to know.
Logyn: Well, aww I kind of flipped her off...but nobody could see!
Kellie: (laughs) Well, lets find ANOTHER sign to use. Since we are suppose to be christian examples.
Gabby: But I like that one! Flipping off Logyn is fun.
Kellie: Find another one!

Our coaches always give us a speech everyday, starting a week before Prom, about things that we aren't allowed to do before, during, or after prom.

Gabby: So when are the prom speeches going to start.
Kellie: A week before prom as always.
Gabby: Oh good I always liked those!
Rae: Oh me too! Just love them
Kellie: Well, this year I've been googling new material!
Gabby: You need to google material for having a sex talk?
Rae: I can only imagine the things that pop up!
Kellie: You guys will really enjoy this years talks!
Rachel: Oh I'm sure.

My friend Shannon and I were talking about our coaches. She plays soccer and I play softball.

Rae: I like my coach. She is really layed back and fun.
Shannon: She seems nice but no offence she seems like a complainer.

Later on Shannon starts complaining to her mom.

Shannon: And she makes us run so much!
Linda: Shannon, remember Kelly the complainer?
Shannon: One sec I'm not done.....(and she continues to complain)

Logyn has a rift with a girl named Hope on a different softball team. People have literally had to stop them from going at each other. Logyn started this conversation after Coach Kellie was talking about partying on Friday night and how we aren't allowed to.

Logyn: Coach, guess what I did this summer!
Kellie: Do I even want to know?
Logyn: Haha probably not.
Kellie: Fine, what did you do?
Logyn: So I got a call from the police department in Oconto(place where Hope lives)
Gabby: They have your phone number!?
Logyn: Yes, they use it often! Oh and apparently Hope put a restraining order against me!
Kellie: She what?
Logyn: I'm not even kidding you! I didn't even do anything to her!
Rachel: Why, would she get a restraining order then?
Logyn: Well it was after Evan and I were following her around in Oconto on a moped!
Kellie: My guesses are that might of been the reason.
Logyn: I thought it was funny!

Logyn had just pitched a bad inning and we sitting on the bench watching the girls get ready to bat

Grace: Logyn, would you like some sunflower seeds?
Logyn: No, but Id sure like some vodka right about.
Grace: Oh well I don't have any of that.

We were warming up before a game. It was windy and cold!

Logyn: The wind is making everything so blurry!
Coach: (tries saying something)
Logyn: The wind is making me not able to hear too!
Logyn: Are you ready...(pauses and then starts singing) children of God!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Im dreaming of a white Easter!

Yesterday it snowed! Not just a little bit either. I looked outside after softball practice and all I could see was white. It was also thundering! Crazy outside.

With this new coat of white on the ground sports should be interesting. Our small gym is set up for the spring play. Which means 3 sports teams have half a gym to use. Today we assembled our new helmets, gossiped a little, watched our coach freak out at soccers coach, and then we practiced for 45 minutes and I got bored and pitched a little. Actually my entire team pitched...we couldn't do much else! After I gave up on that I caught a few balls for Bekah while she pitched. Such a fun practice!

Oh and apparently I'm playing volleyball next year. Something I had not planned on! Not to excited about that.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reasons why Softball is better then Soccer

So we tend to have a rival between softball and soccer at my school. It's been like that for a while. I think it's really fun going against soccer because s

Soccer players go running and consider that their "team bonding". Softball players get 2 orders of food from A&W and share with our team. I think our team bonding is much better!

While we eat our A&W(my favorite thing is their fries!) in the commons, and soccer decides that they are going to do their workout video in the same area. We eat and laugh at their crazy workout moves.

We don't run very much! Which for some people wouldn't be considered a big deal but I hate running. I'm not very good and die just with the thought of running a lot..

Our coaches are much better. Soccer is always complaining about their coaches! The softball coaches are laid back and go along with our teenage..ness. One of my favorite things is the before prom talk. They try being all serious but in the end we are all laughing.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mylo and Jack

*Ignore how aweful I look. Instead focus on the cuteness of these boys!*

They thought the webcame was the coolest thing ever!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Letters, party, and Haiti

I'm in the UWGB archives(located conveniently on the 7th floor of the library) with 11 people from school. We are reading letters handwritten from men(and a few women) that fought in all different kinds of Wars. It's really interesting! I could spend hours here reading into the lives of men that were part of America's history. I bet they never imagined that a group of high schoolers(and many more people) would read the letters they wrote.

My sister is having her birthday party today at a hotel downtown. My friends and I are going to crash it later this afternoon. I love hanging out downtown especially with my friends! Going to eat, shop(more like look and walk away), and enjoy our Saturday.

A church recently asked me to talk about my trip to Haiti(in front of the entire church) that I will be going on this summer. They would like to support me. The thing is that I'm not a good public speaker at all! My legs shake, I forget about what I'm talking about, and I freeze a lot. I will be needing lots of prayer!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Holding off

I hate when people talk about Christ returning soon. The signs that are being shown(wars, natural disasters,etc) and how our days are here on earth are coming to an end. Really, God returning is a great thing. Heaven is so much better then this place we call home at the moment. Im excited about the gold roads and eternal life.

Except I'm a selfish human and I don't like the thought of my life here being cut short. My Mom says that she cant wait for Christ to return. The thing is she has lived life! Grew up, went to college(after the air force), had jobs, got married, got to raise kids, and she has enjoyed it all. I'm sure she is excited to see her kids to experience life on their on but really she feels that she has accomplished a lot and she is ready for heaven.

I haven't enjoyed life yet here though! I want to enjoy my youth, go to college, get a career in nursing, get married, have babies, attend soccer games, grow old, watch my kids grow up, hold my grand babies, retire, and then I can go to heaven!

I know that heaven will be so much better. I just cant wrap my mind around how better it will be then here.
Like I said I'm a selfish human being that wants to live life here and then go to heaven!

Praying that God will hold off a while.......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite TV Shows

This list is mainly for me. I want to be able to remember what shows I was watching as a teen when I'm old and gray. I most likely wont care but hey lists are good! What are your favorite shows?

1. Gilmore Girls
I love this show! I have written about Gilmore girls multiple times on this blog. I've watched all the seasons a few times over. Never gets old and I always talk really fast after spending the day with Loralei and Rory! Weird.

2. Parenthood
Another show that Lauren Graham stars in! I love her as an actress. During spring break I finished season 1 of Parenthood and season 3 of Gilmore Girls. Lots of Lauren Graham! Parenthood(the show not actual parenthood itself) is my new secret obsession. At first I couldn't stand the show but it has grown on me. I love the Bravermen family!

3. Greys Anatomy
I've been watching re-runs of this show every Sunday night. I like the older seasons better then the newer seasons so far.

4. Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, 16 and Pregnant
I decided to mix all 3 shows together because they are practically the same thing. I never thought I would like this type of show but I cant pull myself away! Maci and Leah are my favorite so far!

5. Desperate Housewives
I still watch this show but I'm starting to get bored! Time to start writing more interesting material!

6.Brothers & Sisters
A lot like parenthood but once again I'm getting bored. ABC needs to work on that. I cant stop watching though. They might take my advice and change things!

7. The Bachelor/ Bachelorette
Reality TV gets me every time!

8. Bones/ Castle
Both criminal mystery shows so they go together on this list! I love these kind of shows but recently these two have really caught my eye.

Thank goodness for Hulu! I wouldn't be able to keep up with all these shows without it. Secretly I hope they all get cancelled for I wouldn't feel the need to keep up with them. I don't have the self-control to not watch them! It would save me a lot of time and food consumption!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This and That....and Prom....softball too

  • I gave a certain someone my blog address recently. I'm praying he doesn't think I'm some crazy lunatic when he finally reads it. Just my luck he does! Well, if he doesnt text me ever again I'll know why.

  • Recently on the bus to softball games I've become the go-to-girl. Anybody have extra headphones? Oh, I think I do in my purse. Anybody have bobby pins? Yes, in my make-up bag. Anybody have food? I have goldfish or cinnamon toast crunch. Does anyone have an extra headband? I do in my gym bag! Rae, can I share the blanket with you? Sure, you can! I have a hole in my softball sock! I can sow it for you!

  • I just filled out my junior year first semester schedule. Scary to think how fast high school is flying by! Im happy with my classes, I was happier until one of my friends made another one change her schedule. So Im in a class alone...Oh well I guess. Other then that Im happy with it

  • I've been scoping out prom dates. Im not going to prom this year but it's good to look! Guys in my class are ridiculous so almost all of them are crossed off the list. They dont even pay attention to me any ways so I dont have to worry about them asking. The nice ones of course have their eyes on other girls. So I've been looking at the current freshman guys. Wow, this is making me sound like a crazy person! I just dont want to attend prom without a date. I havent brought a guy to a single dance. Which, is a good thing because I could dance with whoever I wanted. Prom is a different story. I want the dream prom...which consists of a guy, hopefully. So if you know of anybody looking for a nice girl...oh wait, never mind! Im not that desperate...maybe.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Things I hope to accomplish this softball season

I think it's always important to have goals. Since Softball season has started I thought I should share some of my goals for this season! Hopefully I accomplish all of them...but lets be realistic...I hope I accomplish at least 1!

1. Catch balls in glove!
This is a very important! I have caught balls in places that are not least I caught it! So hopefully this year all those softballs land in my glove....hopefully.

2. Remember to keep clothes on while riding the bus
This may seem like a no brainer but let me tell you how hard this is going to be! We aren't allowed to change on the bus before/after games. Which we all find ridiculous! Who cares that other drivers can see us through the windows, or that our bus driver is a guy! There also might of been this one incident of girls mooning the car behind them...which happened to be parents of a student that attended our school.  So we tend to bend this rule and quickly change pants or duck behind the seat to change shirts. It was worked well and the coaches pretend not to notice us breaking this rule. Except this year the boys baseball team are sharing the bus with us! We both have small teams so it works and games at the same time/place. Last year they rode with us to one game. In which girls were jumping over seats only in sport bras forgetting about the boys. It was not very we really need to work on that.

3. Try not to break a Tee
We have these tee's that we use to practice with. We hit softballs/tennis balls/wiffle balls off of. Well sometimes us very skilled softball players miss the ball and just happen to hit the tee....which then goes flying. I'm sad to say that a few(almost all) haven't come out...the same. So we throw away the nice store bought tee(we keep the base though!) and replace it...over and over again. It works well but I think a good goal is to try not break any more tee's! Finally our coaches got smart and bought multiple replacements tees. Which I'm sure aren't really tees but instead plastic tubes that are cheap and replaceable!

4. Become un-afraid of the pitching machine
I dread the day that we bring the pitching machine out to practice. The pitching machine balls(need a special kind of ball) are extremely hard and they come at you really fast! Oh and can sometimes become unpredictable...when you hear jump out of the way and then duck! I have nothing good to say about that machine. I have had bruises and nightmares because of it......nothing good!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Softball, ER, and Stitches

Last night was very interesting....

First I had a 3 1/2 hour softball game. It was freezing outside and I couldn't feel my toes anymore. So they called the game since it was almost dark. We lost by like 5 points.

Then we went to eat at the hospital cafeteria with some players of the softball/baseball team Sounds strange but they have a cafe thing set up and it's open to the public. And there desserts are free after 7:30pm!! On the way home, my friend Chelsey kept swerving and slamming on her brakes just to watch my reaction. I found no humor in it but she was crying after laughing so hard.

So I get home after eating and I had planed on going out with some friends. My friend Katie called and she was crying. Apparently she had fallen in the shower( Which is a typical Katie thing to do. She is clumsy!) and apparently her elbow hit the window. So I rushed right on over to her house thinking she was over-reacting. Nope, she was standing in the kitchen, naked might I add, shaking and covered in blood!! I tried calming her down. It didn't work very well. So I went into the bathroom and it looked like she hit the window with a baseball bat! She had already called her Mom. So I, being the amazing friend that I am, helped her get dressed. Spent the night in the ER, heard her scream when she got a shot, and watched the doctor stitch her up with 7 stitches.

Blood stained t-shirt that I just happened to pick. It has the perfect words that explained how the night ended...FINE!

The guy in the room next to us was in a car accident. He was 91 years old and looked terrified. I felt really bad because he kept asking where his wife was. Apparently, she had a head wound and needed to get some scan.

So maybe next weekend I'll get a break from all the excitement. Last weekend I got lost in the country with the same girl. I really need to stop hanging out with her! Just kidding.

Friday, April 8, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
My eyes...I wish I had perfect vision! Oh and my never stays in place! Oops that's two. Oh well.

2. Write about a time when you got lost.
Oh well what one will I pick! I tend to get lost a lot. Well, my favorite time included a GPS. My friend Katie, her sister, and I were driving upnorth to go camping with their family. Her parents had been up there for a few days already. So this GPS has us out in the middle of no where. Then it wanted us to turn down an unpaved road, going straight into a wooded area. So of course we though "The GPS wouldst lie and get us lost!" So we are bumping along the road and then we hear something scrapping across the bottom of the car. We were under a pile of rocks! Then this huge truck drives up behind us. He(really cute guy!) gets out and asks if we knew where we were going. After telling him no, and telling him where we were headed. He says that we are far away from the campground and this road led away from it! Oh joy. So he offers to lead us there. On the way back we used someone elses GPS and we took the high-way all the way home. No country roads for us! This is why I don't trust GPS'!

3. Camping or 5 star hotel?
Matters my mood and who I'm with. Camping with my friends is really fun! A 5 star hotel would be a blast with my volleyball or softball team.

4. Have you donated blood?
No, I'm not old enough but I plan on doing it eventually!

5. Do you have a budget or do you 'fly by' most months?
Hmm well I don't have a steady income and rely mainly on my its "fly by" every month!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just Eric.

*All pictures courtsey of Eric Laundy. Aspiring photographer that I just happen to be friends with!*

He remembers my favorite starbucks drink.

He uses big words that I have to look up when he texts me.

He's a bookworm like me. Always recommanding books I should read.

He askes me random questions(like how many kids I want) and actually remembers my answers.

I can actually stand having a conversation with him.

He's a photographer that takes amazing pictures!

He wants to travel in the future.

He actually cooks for himself!

He has a good taste in music.

He seems close to his family.

Everytime he texts me I get excited.

He's just Eric.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Names Part 4

Time once again for my list of favorite baby names! Which change often. So here comes installment 4 of baby names that I like. Some have re-appeared, some have stayed, and some are completely forgotten!
You can find my other lists here, here, and here!



Cordelia(Don't tell my friend Shannon! I told her I hated this name originally)











On another note apparently Abcde is a real name. I'm guessing it's pro-nounced Ab-sa-dee. I have a cousin named Absydi. I find the spelling of that name horrible and strange.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lost in the country and a 7

This weekend has been...well just a little crazy.

On Saturday night(actually Sunday morning we left at 12am) my friend Katie and I got lost in the middle of no where. We left the house with some hand written directions that made no sense at all! After we drove for like 45 minutes without seeing the road we needed Katie finally called her cousin Ben who lived in the area(at least in a 30 mile radius) We apparently went WAY to far and missed some random road...and he said the directions were wrong. So we were two teenage girls lost in the country in the early hours of the morning. We almost hit a scary looking animal. I was reading the directions, Katie screamed, then I screamed and looked up to see some animal running across the street! That happened twice. Oh and Katie was over tired. Which left a lot of freaking out, laughing hysterically, and a ton of other emotions. Her car started acting up too. So we pulled over on a scary country road and prayed that some murderer was near. I was texting my friends during this time...they were no help at all! So eventually we made it back to Katie's house...a 45 minute journey took us 2 hours. I fell asleep on her couch. Only to wake up and freak out because I forgot where I was. I consider that part kind of funny.

Then during softball practice on Sunday(yes we had a practice on a Sunday) I found out that apparently this guy that I dislike strongly has rated me a 7 out of 10 on his list of hot girls that go to our school. What person does that? Actually I'm not a 7 any more...I got demoted once I started wearing my glasses again. Guys are ridiculous and I'm so sick of dealing with them. He is on my list as a -1...and that's me being nice. When do guys grow up?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My boys.

*This post tends to bash guys a bit. I want you to know that I know a lot of greats guys. Just recently a few guys at my school have been degrading woman as a joke. They seem to think they are better then girls and treat them like it.*

The guys at my school are horrible. I've mentioned it many times on my blog. I'm praying that this is just a weird stage and that they become gentleman very soon. At this point I fear I might be single the rest of my life. I don't want to end up with a guy like one at my CHRISTIAN school. Their parents are so nice too! What happened? I made a list of things I will teach my future son. Hopefully they turn out better then the ones I have to deal with at school.

1. To put girls in front of himself. Hold doors open for women, and give his date the jacket off his back when he or she is cold...etc.


3. Stick up for the underdog. Nobody deserves to be bullied.

4. Always help a neighbor out.

5. Love God

6. Hard work pays off. I want him to have a good work ethic.

7. Good manners(Please, thank you,..etc)

8. Girls are not an object. Treat them with respect.

9. Stick up for your beliefs. You could change the world.

10. She gets pregnant you offer to marry her(Sounds random but guys tend to leave. I've seen it way to much. That's not right!)

The majority of this list is about respecting woman. Believe it or not boys but we are not objects. It's sad that a lot of guys don't have an ounce of respect for woman. Time to raise godly men that are respectful!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My week

This week has been crazy but in a good way! Softball has officially started which means lots of time spent after school! Which gives me lots of time to spend socializing with my friends. Here is just a few things that happened this week!

At the beginning of the week my coach said "On Thursday we are going out and digging out our field with shovels. If that doesn't work we are bringing out the hair dryers!" Well she was kidding about the second part but not the first part! We were forced to go out with shovels and sleds. We never even got past all the snow! We got stopped by ice. It was a fun memory though. Everybody at school was making fun of us! Oh well we went sledding afterwards!

Before we had to shovel out our field my friends and I decided to quickly run to A & W at the last minute. On the way back(we might of been speeding/ I wasn't buckled up) we passed one of our math teachers walking! She waved, we double-checked that our eyes weren't fooling us, and started freaking out. She could of cared less but we thought it was really awkward!

Chelsey(who drove us) thought it would be funny to slam on her breaks in our school parking lot! I of course went flying towards the windshield and I was holding the food! Everybody was laughing(I'm guessing I looked ridiculous with my hands flying all over the place). Might want to remember to buckle up next time!

Friday, April 1, 2011

10 Random Facts

1. When I was a baby I had hair right down the middle of my head and nothing on the sides. It eventually grew to the tip of my nose and my parents decided to cut it. They started calling my "scruffy" because my hair would do crazy things and never stay put. My hair still doesn't stay put!

2. When I was younger I always wanted to have the "it" house. The place where all your friends would call there second home. I always thought my parents weren't cool enough. Until Freshmen year where my friends actually like my parents(One actually calls my mom...Mom(My other mom)) and enjoy being at my house!

4. I'm a very open person except when it comes to the bad things happening in my life. I tend to only share the good, the funny, the strange but never the bad. I even tend to make up excuses to move on to another subject when asked about the bad things.

5. I have slept in my different places but have only moved houses once! My crib, my parents bed, a small room off of my parents room, my sisters room(once shared a room), a small closest, mattress in the corner of my room(even though my real bed was in the same room), and finally I get so sick of my sister I moved into the creepy guest room. Which I have called my own for the past few years....isn't creepy any more!

6. I still have problems determining what "There, Their, or They're and Too, To, or Two" to use.

7. I never memorized the multiplication table that most kids do. 7x7=?

8. Even though teachers insisted that you will use cursive when you get into high school.....I never have. I don't plan on starting either. I dropped that nonsense the minute it became optional again!

9. I started watching Sex and the City in 6th grade. It would have re-runs late at night and I had a TV in my room. So I would watch whatever late night show would be on when my parents went to bed!

10. My little sister has a bigger room, bigger bed(I have a twin, she has a queen), and bigger closet's(yes 2 closets). I don't mind though. I enjoy my small space.