Monday, May 30, 2011

Those wise fools

"You can always tell a real friend: when you've made a fool of yourself he doesn't feel you've done a permanent job."
 ~Laurence J. Peter

 Lets just say I make a fool of myself all the time in front of my friends. Whether it be telling them my secrets, my idea to re-enact the notebook street scene, my random thoughts that I like to blurt out, or other things I do. Sometimes, I wonder how they can still look at me with a straight face. Any other person would think I'm some crazy person that needs serious help(I bet my friends think that every once in a while too. ha). 

Then I start thinking about how when you become best friends you except the good, bad, and the ugly. Whether your friend makes a way out of character mistake, they tell your crush that you like them, they make fun of your fashion choices, or they accidentally blurted out(in a sex-ed like class) " you slept with him" and the whole class hears (not that slept but literally like sleeping. I had to explain this in front of the whole class too!).

Instead of judging you like most of the world does they embrace your uniqueness, hold on to your deepest secrets, laugh about those many moments where you acted like a fool, understood when you were going through a bad time, honestly told you what they thought, and insist on hugging you even when you don't want one.

"A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
~Author unknown

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Graduation Parties/Milwaukee

The 2011 seniors have officially graduated high school where I attend. I cant imagine going to school or playing a sport and them not being there. I'm going to miss them!

After congratulation on Saturday I went to 3 graduation parties. The last one was held in the country so it was every one's last destination. The jerks from my class were there and we got in a water fight with them. It was a lot of fun actually. Then we decided to unite and go after a certain person. I don't think I have ever bonded with the guys in my class that much. It was fun while it lasted...which wasn't long.

They soon showed their true colors again and became jerks. Oh well...I might of made one of them cry by accident too. Which technically was his own fault but whatever. I never liked him any way.

On Sunday I went to Milwaukee with my friend Sarah, my cousin, sister, and my parents. We went to the Discovery Museum, and shopped a little. It was a nice mini-vacation. I was really tired from the previous night because Sarah wouldn't let me go to sleep though!

Only one more week left of school!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Funny Funny Sport

Round two of the funny(at least to me) things that go on in our softball conversations!

An ump had just came into our dugout to check our bats and helmets at a game.

Ump: This team I use to ump for had a water cooler just like yours. After about the 5th inning they would start acting crazy! Later I found out they would put gin in the water cooler. Crazy guys!

Logyn: Little do you know what we have in our cooler!

Ump: (laughs) I wont even ask.

Bekah plays 3rd base and our old 3rd baseman(who graduated) gave her good advice. When we play manitowoc the pitchers mom always is loud and yells. She is really annoying!

Amber: When that mom would get on my nerves. I would just move my foot across the dirt like this (had to demonstrate of course!) and all this dust would go flying her way. Made me feel better.

Bekah: That's a good idea!

Coach: Ill just pretend I didn't hear this.

Bekah got hit in the stomach from a pitch. She holds her stomach the entire jog to 1st base. All of a sudden we see her bend over as if she is going to throw up and she covers her mouth. She then pops back up and gets ready to run.

Coach: Bekah are you okay?

Bekah: Yea, I just was choking on my gum!

Coach: Oh that's good! I thought you were going to throw up or something.

Bekah had hurt her arm in a previous game. So she had the trainer take a bag of ice and then wrap plastic around her shoulder to keep it in place. Instead the trainer wrapped it around her body and confined her arms against her body.

Bekah: I think the trainer is trying to strangle me or something!
Kayla: Or keep you from having sex at prom! (Explained here)
Coach: Yes! That is a brilliant idea!
Bekah: Oh yea tying your softball players arms around their body will keep them from having sex.
Coach: Next year instead of having a before prom talk that's what I will do!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Only at my school

Only at my school can you see a guy riding an unicycle through the hallways and around the parking lot.

Only at my school can you find articles of clothing on the floor in every room. It gets picked up eventually! We just tend to get a little comfortable.

Only at my school you have to work on homework in the weight room because there is no open classrooms.

Only at my school does the spanish teacher have a picture of a group of her students as her back screen on her phone. Don't worry she isn't a creepier. We took the picture and did it purposely...her daughter finds it creepy. Oh well.

Only at my school do we have a helipad on the roof, a pool in the basement, parking below the school, even stairs going to the 2nd floor and many other interesting things but people from other schools don't seem to believe us!

Only at my school does a teacher allow you to go on facebook at school, only if you send her something for her city on cityville.

Only at my school do we carry around a plunger, old typewriter, and old computer tower as your hall pass.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby shower

Recently I got invited to one of my friends baby showers. Which was a first for me being that I'm still in high school and so are the majority of my friends. I've been to tons of baby showers for people but mostly family and my moms friends.

The invite was addressed to me this time.

Which of course lead to my mom wanting to re-inform me about sex. Thank you Mom but no. I'm plenty informed already!

What was more surprising was what friend was pregnant! When I texted my friends to tell them the news I might of left out the name of the person. None of them guessed that specific girl they went with my crazy friend. ha

My now pregnant friend was a star basketball player. When I say star, I mean star. She had amazing talent and made the varsity team freshmen year. She had dreams of playing college ball and becoming a neonatal nurse. She was the one that actually made me want to become a neonatal nurse.

She was friends with guys but never dated them ( well until recently), she was hilarious and laughed all the time, was a hugger(as in hugged everybody even if she didn't know you very well), and she's my dads friend from high schools daughter.

Her older sister was the one I thought would of gotten pregnant by now. Not that I'm judging or anything just from things I've witnessed...unintentionally.

Well, maybe I didn't know these girls as much as I thought I did. June 12th should be an interesting day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Double Ds

In softball practice Lauren(one of my coaches) and I were near each other in the outfield. Gabby was on 2nd base, and Logyn was near 3rd picking up bats. So we were all spread out and if we wanted to talk to each other we had to yell. This is the conversation we had while shouting to each other.

Lauren: Hey Rae did you know you have the best batting average?
Rae: That's exciting!
Gabby: She also has the biggest boobs!
Lauren: She what?
Gabby: Big boobs!
Lauren: (starts laughing)
Logyn: What size do you have any way?
Rae: What?
Lauren: Say double Ds
Logyn: She has double Ds?
Gabby: Holy crap you have double Ds?
Rae: No!
Lauren: I was just kidding. She looks like she has Cs!
Rae: Can we stop talking about my boobs?
Logyn: Did she say she has Cs?

Monday, May 23, 2011


I got cleared today by our crazy/insane trainer. I was so excited to be able to walk outside and when the team all turned towards me being able to give them a thumbs up. Of course nobody believed me because I might of been trying to convince my coach that I could play since I got hurt. But this time was real!

I had a great practice too! I practiced at 1st and left field. When we had to run the bases I was feeling a little sick but when I stopped I felt better.

Yay! I can play in our last game on Thursday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Those darn concussions

You might have a concussion if....

  • You place the milk in the freezer. After swearing that you put it away and not seeing it in the fridge you decided to open the freezer. Walla you find the half frozen milk.

  • When asked if you can repeat these words car, ball, dog, bell. You repeat them fine the 1st time and then forget them the second time(except for bell). In which your teammates says "She's not concussed, she's just stupid!"

  • When someones bothers you(Ex. Hits you on the arm or asks a question) you can just reply "I have a concussion!" They quickly apologize and then realize your arm or answering a question would not effect your concussed head. The look is priceless!

  • You can convince your teacher to give you your favorite jolly rancher flavor(after saying nobody can pick what flavor they get) by saying "I have a concussion and a black eye. They both hurt really bad!" and then she smiles and lets you choose the flavor!

  • When you do something dumb and blame it on your concussion they understand!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Possibly my last blog post

Since the world is going to end today this could be my last blog post ever! I plan on living it up today....sleeping in till 12pm (nice thing about scheduled posts), getting up and surfing the web, and then playing catch with my sister. Great way to end life here on earth! What are you doing?

1. I'm still stuck on the good ole' bench because of my concussion. The concussion that I don't believe really exists. I've been trying to convince my coach and friends that's our sports trainer is crazy and doesn't know what she is talking about! I even decided I'm going to boycott her! When I announce this I've been getting weird looks though and asking if I'm feeling okay. The trainer must of told them I had a head injury even though it's not true.

2. Our pitcher almost got in a fight at the same time that my coach got in a fight with the other coach. Our catcher(Gabby) was behind the home plate getting a ball, while the girl on 3rd base was running home. Logyn, our pitcher, runs home to catch the ball Gabby was throwing. The girl runs into Logyn full on. She ends up cleating(metal cleats hurt!) Logyn on the arm, and throwing her to the ground. Logyn got up and went after that girl. Gabby stepped in and told Logyn to cool down. Our coach then freaked out because the other teams girl could of hurt Logyn. So she starts telling the umps and the other teams coach that the girl should of been more careful. Leaving my coach, the other teams coach, and the umps in a little tussle about it. It was kind of funny. Softball can be entertaining at times.
3. As much as I love softball I'm seriously considering not playing next year.

4. This post wasn't suppose to be all about softball. Except softball is my life at the moment and that's all I can think about writing about!

5. I'm sick of freshman! Which I hate admitting since I was a freshman not to long ago and I know it isn't exactly the most fun position to be in. Except we all have to deal with it and suck it up. More on this later ....I have lots to do today! Since the world is ending and all.

Friday, May 20, 2011


I always loved the thought of wearing hats. Like people in Europe do! Brits seem to dress so much more classier then us Americans!

(Image courtasey of google images)

 I personally couldnt pull it off but I think hats add so much character to an outfit. I fail at wearing excessories so Im not sure I could do any better with a hat. I can dream though!

At times hats do get to be a bit much(like Princess Beatrices) but some actually look cute.

It's one trend Id love to make its way over here

I thought I should add a picture of the new princess wearing a cool hat. Since her wedding was one of the main reasons I found a new fondness of hats.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 least trying

I use to read a lot! Like go to the library get a huge stack of books and manage to finish reading them all by their due date.

Today I noticed I haven't read a book just for the heck of it in a long time. In my English class I have read a lot of books but no books I actually wanted to read. In October I began reading Sherlock Holmes Volume 1 which was a 700+  page book. In the past I would of flew through that book in less then 2 weeks. For example I finished Twilight(500 pages) in 1 day. It took me till January to finally finish Sherlock Holmes though! It has never tooken me that long..I was a little disapointed in myself.

I miss curling up in a blanket and getting lost in a book.

I don't have time anymore though. Between school, sports, homework, chores, and work I'm swamped! When I do find time I find myself sleeping or spending time with my friends.

I think it's about time I dust off the ole' bookshelf and start reading again. I really do miss it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Only at my school

Only at my school can you see a guy riding an unicycle through the hallways and around the parking lot.

Only at my school can you find articles of clothing on the floor in every room. It gets picked up eventually!

Only at my school you have to work on homework in the weightroom because there is no open classrooms.

Only at my school does the spanish teacher have a picture of a group of her students as her back screen on her phone. Don't worry she isn't a creepier. We took the picture and did it purposely...her daughter finds it creepy. Oh well.

Only at my school do we have a helipad on the roof, a pool in the basement, even stairs going to the 2nd floor and many other interesting things but people from other schools don't seem to believe us!

Only at my school do kids show up in their pajamas and wet hair and go straight to the locker room. Any given morning you're bound to find a pajama filled locker room, with straightener's being used/borrowed, teeth being brushed,  make-up being applied, and hair being combed.

Does your school have any quirks that make it special?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Another ending

I cant believe the school year is almost over( for a few it already is!). High school has been an adventure and it's hard to believe it's almost half-way over.

I spent the entire weekend writing reports(8 to be exact) and studying for tests. My biology teacher announced we will be having 4 tests in the next 3 weeks. I was all excited about raising my grade finally to a B! Oh well a C will have to do.

I'm also playing softball again on Thursday! Since the season is almost over I decided to take my chances. My friends said they would study with me and help me pass my concussion test! Which I have failed twice. Wow, I cant believe the season is almost over though. It's weird to think that next year us Juniors will be the leaders. Since our team wont have seniors.

Well that's enough rambling for one night! I need to get back to studying for those finals and many biology tests.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thats a man.....

My softball shirt has a man on it. Not saying that men don't play softball but the fact that we are a girls team with a man on our shirt..that's apparently in outer space doesn't make us to happy.
My favorite response to my shirt was "Maybe one time it was a woman and she had a sex change!"

Oh yea that makes perfect sense! Why didnt I think about that? I'm almost positive he/she wouldn't be in outer space. Id imagine it would be flying towards a rainbow!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Metal dugouts and lightning

Yesterday was suppose to be the day I was cleared for playing softball again. Ever since this little incident I've been stuck on the bench during practices and games. Apparently they take concussions very seriously! I was told I wasn't even allowed to look at a softball because I might be tempted to pick it up. Well, lately it seems like that's all I can do is pick them up after my friends have batted at them. Well, whats a few more boring days on the bench. Better then permanent brain damage I suppose.

My next check-up(If I still have headaches) I'm debating about lying about my symptoms. Except, I'm sure I would get in trouble because my friends would snitch on me. I guess lying would be a bad idea.

So for softball practice I drove the golf cart around Plugging in extension cords, carrying bags of equipment, giving teachers rides, and other golf cart jobs. I even found out I could roll up an extension cord while driving!

 It then started pouring rain! Our team continued practicing in the rain though. I stayed in the dug-out until one of coaches daughters(who is 4) tripped over a helmet and scrapped her knee against the gravel. I then decided to bring her into school for a band-aid. Poor kid was crying and insisted I hold her. So I hopped on the golf-cart(in which my butt got soaking wet. I should of found a towel to dry it off but a certain little girl thought the world was ending) and drove down to school for a band-aid.

I had literally just pulled up to the dug out when it started raining hard! All of a sudden a flash of lightning lite up the sky. I have never seen my team and coaches run so fast in my life. We of course took shelter in a dugout with a metal roof, surrounded by metal fencing.

Smart people we are!

Practice ended early. I got to go to Starbucks Happy hour( 1/2 drinks!). Coach decided to take a team picture of all of us soaked.

It was a good day(except for the concussion thing)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One of those weekends

My weekend was so amazing! Wanna know what we did to make it so amazing? We ate at Texas Roadhouse and went camping! Ain't that amazing?

Well you might not think so but with my friends it's always an adventure.

 While I was sitting in the dugout during practice(since I'm concussed and not allowed to participate in practice) my friends brought me starbucks. Happy Hour at starbucks! They brought me the new coconut mocha drink though instead of my java chip! They insisted it wasn't coconut but my 7 teammates that insisted on trying it said it tasted like coconut! And yes our team isn't very afraid of germs. My coach wasn't very happy about Sarah and Syd interrupting practice though. She walked up to the dug-out and asked if I was friends with those girls when they walked away. I might of said no....but I don't exactly remember! I have a concussion! Whatever I said she didn't believe me and laughed about it.
Next we headed over to Texas Roadhouse. Shannon told the waitress it was Sydney's birthday and she brought out the saddle! So we kind of lied but it was so worth it! You should of seen her face...oh wait you can! The pictures don't do justice though. I was practically crying while laughing and Syd was bright red. Syd and Sarah then ordered a chicken dinner thing. They were a little freaked out when it came out looking like this! It bounced when the waitress placed it on the table!

We then headed to our camping spot. Our group is all for tradition and camping in the cold is tradition! Shannon and Syd actually managed to get a small fire started. Which is a giant accomplishment. After Syd started freaking out about "something moving behind us" which none of us heard, we decided on going on a little walk. Which ended up being about 4 miles round trip in the middle of the night. I cant give all the details on what occurred on that walk but it did consist of a 35 mph sign, an empty house(literally no one lived in it), multiple flashlights, a freaky car that stopped and me almost slipping down a muddy hill more then once.

We made it back to our campsite though safely! Crashed in the cold tent and slept as much as possible. Until my cousins and sister woke us up(well not Sarah) up by singing "Oh happy day, oh happy day when we wake Rae!" They did invite us to breakfast though. My uncle made french toast for us!

It was definitely a weekend for the books. One we laugh about when we are old and share(some of the details we will keep to ourselves) with our children, and joke about for a long time.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have bad eyes like my mom. I have my moms nose. I smile like my mom. I have identical looking toes. I tell stories like my mom. I laugh like my mom. I have a mole on the side of my face just like my mom.

What I really want is her amazingly open heart, her patience, her ability to make friends with anybody, her openness, and her love for all people.

I love when people say I look like my mom...I just hope one day they say I act like my mom too!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! I love you

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Every Easter my mom invites her side of the family and the church over. My church is small so they dont add much. The older kids have always migrated to my room. We eat, sit, talk, and everybody else thinks we are anti-social. It's our thing though. So many memories we have made in my room(No inappropriate memories...we are church kids! lol) This easter was no different. There was only 4 of us aged 14, 15, 16, and 19. We talked about the things we in the past that we did like going to the cabin or a youth retreat. I love this time. With the age difference you'd think we wouldnt even get along! I have amazing memories with those people though...many of them during the holidays or other random events.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I found out today that I officially have a concussion!

That is the last thing that I wanted to hear when I went to the trainer today.

I'm stuck on the sidelines, not being able to participate in games, practices, or even gym, until next week at the earliest!

In other news our 3rd baseman is out for the week because of a shoulder injury.

And our center field is getting surgery in 2 weeks.

This should be interesting since we have a small team to begin with!

1 black eye coming up

"Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused." --Unknown

On Monday I got a black eye playing softball! I went to school on Tuesday and got lots of attention because of it. I seriously have the worst luck when it comes to softball! One of my fellow softball players wrote on my facebook "The most embarrassing things always happen to you, and always in softball, haha" Oh yes I know all about those embarrassing mishaps that just happen to occur to me.

There has been lots of high fiving, congratulating, and lots of questions because of my eye. I never knew so many people wanted a black eye! A bunch of people told me they were jealous.

Here are the stories that are floating around school about what happened to me. Try guessing which one is real!

1. The catcher from the other team got pissed at Logyn and was about to start a fight. I stepped in to try and break them up. All of a sudden the catcher takes a swing and hits my face. I stand there in shock for a few seconds and then go after her taking a swing at her too. I knocked her tooth out and then we had to get separated. We both got benched.

2. I was warming up before the second inning with a girl named Lydia. When the ump called "Balls in" I tossed the ball to Lydia. Carley, who was in left field with a ball, called my name and threw the ball at me thinking I was going to catch it. I miss it and the ball hit my face.

3. Carley got mad at me and decided to punch me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mothers day test run

My mom woke me up on Sunday and said "Its mother days!"

I of course knew it wasnt and rolled over and fell asleep again.

She then woke me up again and said "I think we should have a test run before the real day comes!"

I getting very annoyed mumbled half asleep "Mom, its not mothers day so leave me alone!"

She laughed and said "How about breakfast in bed? Thats what all Mothers want!"

My witty remark was "That sounds great mom! Id like some scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice!" I then pulled my blankets closer and tried to fall asleep again.

She walked away and said half way down the hall "This test run was a fail! I hope you do better next sunday!"

Sometimes I question whether or not Im really related to her!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sliding into puddles

We have had terrible softball playing weather lately! We have had snow, rain, and hail! It makes playing outside difficult.

On Wednesday our coach decided we were heading out into our lake of a field. Huge puddles everywhere and the outfield was like a swamp. We were covered in mud! At the end of practice coach said "We are going to practice sliding!" We didn't believe her because our infield is full of water..water+sand= a huge mess. Instead she pointed to a random puddle in the outfield and said "This is the base! I want you to slide into it when I say go!" We thought it was a joke and just stood around for a while. Eventually we found out she was totally serious!

So we lined up and one by one slid into the puddle. Except people ended up flat on their backs, sliding on their side, and all other kind of crazy things! It was like a slip-n-slide! We were covered in mud by the end. Our coach was standing near the puddle and got sprayed a few times. Carley shouted "Its like girls gone wild!"

We all walked into school complaining about not having extra clothes or underwear. Used random towels we found in the locker room(I'm sure that wasn't very clean but it was only for our legs!) and found random things to wear. A few girls even announced " That's it I'm going comando!"

Oh the adventures us softball players have. We shovel snow off of our field, slide into puddles, and fall in between 2nd or 3rd...oh wait that was only me and logyn. Oh well.