Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It is September already.

Summer is over.

School has started.

It will soon start getting cold again.

The sun is starting to set earlier.

I actually worked out yesterday...oops that has nothing to do with this post!

Im starting to prepare for black Friday already!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Softball goals...a bit late.

I totally forgot to post this at the end of softball season! Oh well it still applies and I think its about time it gets posted. Even though I'm not to proud of how many accomplishments I actually managed to make.

Before softball started I made a list that you can read here. Its all about what I wanted to accomplish this softball season. Well, after going through the list I can officially say I didn't accomplish one stickin' goal on that list!

1. Catch balls in glove
I tried I really did! Except my face got in the way once and my eye ended up catching it. I was doing fine up until that point. It really wasn't my fault either! You can read all about my beautiful black eye here(and you can see how it wasn't my fault!)

2. Remember to keep clothes on while riding the bus.
This may sound like a no brainer but you need to read the list to understand. I explain why this is so hard. You can click here if you're to lazy to scroll up to the first "here". A few times I might of taken off my pants but nobody except my seat buddy could see me! Oh and there was that one time when I had to give up my entire uniform because I was out with a concussion and lots of people forgot stuff. My coach made me!

3. Try not to break a tee
I ended up fixing it! So that doesn't really count...right?

4. Become unafraid of the pitching machine
This one makes me laugh because the evil pitching machine is broken! About time too. Anyhoo I didn't get to use the pitching machine at all this season! At the beginning of the season it was to wet and dangerous to plug it in. In the middle of the season I got a concussion and wasn't allowed to participate in practice. Once I could actually play the pitching machine broke. So really I never really got a change to see if I'm not afraid of the pitching machine. So I've decided I'm not and I can officially say I I have accomplished one of the goals on this list!

Next season I have a lot more things to add to this list. And Im actually going to accomplish these things!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I'm a snacker. Meaning I like eating snacks throughout the day. Sometimes I don't even eat a full meal because Im fine with my little snacks. Most the the time my snacks are unhealthy like candy, or when my dad brings home glazed donuts! I have of course found some yummy snacks that aren't ridiculously bad for you!

  • Fruit strips. In 2nd grade I would trade my chocolate milk for one of these. It was so worth it! They are a lot like fruit roll ups but better. So much more healthier!  ½ serving of fruit, 100% natural, no artificial additives, and no added sugar(all sugar comes naturally from fruit). I almost feel as someone should be paying me to write all of this. ha
(courtsey of Stretch Island Fruit Co. website)
  • This may sound really weird to most but let me tell you its amazing! Miracle Whip spread on chedder cheese! That's it.

(Courtesy of google images)

  • Lots of snacks can be made with Nutella! I have a favorite though. Pretzels dipped in nutella. yummy! I brought pretzels and nutella to Haiti with me even!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Review

This summer has been amazing! Seriously, it might be considered one of my favorite summers. Im sad to see this summer come and go. I think this summer I've experienced a lot of new things and Ive grown as a person. From getting my license to going to Haiti. Ive had fun this summmer but Ive also had a lot of soul searching that went on. So saying goodbye to this summer will be hard but Im also ready to see what this school year brings.

Here is a recap of what went down this summer.

June- Starts at the beginning of the month

Graduation parties!

Fainting after I got my shots

Had a mini-vacation with my family in Chicago!

Spend the night working on VBS projects for my Haiti mission trip with my team. (same post as the one below)

My best friends 16th Birthday party! I was suppose to be out of town but instead I surprised her with my presence.

July- Starts at the end of the month

I went on a mission trip to Haiti!

I got my drivers license.

Had my sweet 16/golden birthday party.

Eric came to town.

My friend Sarah spent the entire week at my house for no reason.

Went to Lifest and had a blast!

Celebrated my Moms birthday on the 4th of July and my

Had a late night at the park and with Taco Bell! and my aunt came to town!

August- Starts at the beginning of the month...because I like to be confusing like that.

Started the month in Haiti (link above)

My best friend turned 17!

I didnt return to volleyball.

I met the infamous Ashley

Im sad to see this summer come and go. I think this summer I've experienced a lot of new things and Ive grown as a person. From getting my license to going to Haiti. Ive had fun this summmer but Ive also had a lot of soul searching that went on. So saying goodbye to this summer will be hard but Im also ready to see what this school year brings.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School has begun

My final goodbye to the summer. School started today and I'm officially a junior. Finally I'm an upper class man. I so wish I could have one last summer hurrah but oh well I gotta hit the books.

Goodbye summer, goodbye sun. Goodbye freedom, goodbye fun.

Hello textbooks, homework and school.
I'm showing Shannon and Sarah how to do a hand stand!
Hello teachers, classmates, and tools. Hello drama, gossip, rumors, and lies.
Beaches and parties: I say goodbye
Eating Taco Bell and laying on blankets at the park

Goodbye crazy summer nights, bonfires and dreams.
Trying to take cool pictures with a picture frame. Which I managed to hit myself in the nose with. Hence the holding my nose and laying on the ground.

Bikinis and sundresses become sweatshirts and jeans.
Skipping to the playground equipment
Hello stress, finals, and only fun on weekends with friends.

Summer 2010 has come to an end.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Volleyball, not returning.

While in Haiti  my friend Shannon and I discussed how when we returned back to the states that volleyball season would soon begin. Its the only thing we dread all year long. We discussed it together and with Linda(our group leader in Haiti). She said we shouldn't do something just because somebody wants us too. If we dread volleyball so much don't play and do something you actually want to do.

We thought about it and finally decided she was right.

Volleyball season has started and I'm not playing. Its like a big weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Sure, Ill miss the team bonding and spiking balls but I'm happy with my decision. Volleyball has been part of my life for the past 3 years. I just wonder what will be fit into its place....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cranes, Chickens, and Chimney Swifts.

This is my 500th post!

I get emails about things happening downtown where I live and events that would be fun to attend. Apparently some very exciting things are happening downtown. Ill let you read about it for yourself below.

Excitement is building on Washington Street with the arrival of a huge crane on the site of the WaterMark, Children’s Museum, and Hagemeister Park Restaurant. Serious building materials will be arriving this week!
Isn't that exciting!? I can go see a crane move materials. I can feel my excitement building....or not.

Since you dont live in my town I thought I would share a picture of the crane that recently arrived!
Courtsey of my town website.
This is big people!

And the library has a great seminar going on that I dont want to miss!

Central Library Talks Chicken!
August 24th
The Library will host a free seminar next week. On 8/24 check out "Cluck: All Things Chicken" at 1:30 p.m
I see why its free.

Oh and this one sounds like a blast!

Chimney Swift Event Returns for 2nd Round!
September 10th, 6 - 10 p.m.
Bird City & Bird County will again host a Chimney Swift event counting swifts, identifying roost sites and sharing results after.
I cant wait to count birds, identify their roost sites, and share my results!

I seriously need to move.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Animals in Haiti

Haiti has animals all over the place!
On the runway,
on the side of the road,
in the river,
under benches,
on the road....

I think you get my point.
While some were adorable!
Others were not so much....

I was expecting to see a lot of dogs
but I think I saw more goats!

It was sad seeing how hungry they all were.
It was like one of those sad animal commercials.

Except the spiders. They looked like they got enough to eat! yuck.

I think the animals really made me realize Haiti was a whole new world.

I'm not use to goats running the streets, and roosters waking me up in the morning.

The Haitians found it weird that we liked cuddling the puppies.

They aren't use to having animals as pets.
Animals are used for survival.
Dogs are used as guard dogs.
Chickens are used for dinner.

I still have yet to understand why they tie up their animals on the side of the road.

Id be afraid they would get hit!

So there you have it! Animals in Haiti...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1 week left and other news.

School starts in exactly one week! Which means summer is almost over. Another school year is beginning and another summer is ending. Im so not ready to go back on a schedule, have my days planned, and surviving on no sleep. I cant complain that much though. Another school year means Im that much more closer to graduation! Im a little scared because Ive heard junior year is the hardest year of high school.

So here's to another school year.

Hopefully the school year ends up being amazing and summer returns quickly!

In other news......

1) I thought I had finally mastered the skill of cutting through backyards. You see my friend Katie lives a street and a half away from me. The road that I would normally have to walk has no lights! Its scary. So I have found cutting through other peoples yard makes the journey less long and people have porch lights! Of course I dont want to freak someone out so I stay in the darkness. ha Except I tend to fall and trip and do all sorts of things while in these peoples back yards. I havent fallen in a while so I thought I had gotten past my clutsyness. Well that was before I decided to tweet about my backyard adventures. I wasnt paying attention and almost landed in a kiddy pool.

2) I met Katie and Eric at Target because there is nothing else to do at 8 o' clock at night where I live. Eric of course dragged (okay not really but I was sure dragging my feet) us girls to the camping section to look at tents. After he talked about something that had to do with camping and I pointed out the tent I wanted(because it was a pretty green color!) we left that section. Believe it or not the baby section is right across the aisle! Why someone thought that camping and babies would go together is beyond me. I mentioned the cute outfits, Katie said something about a baby bottle, and then before we knew it Eric walked past a breast pump. His reaction was priceless. Apparently he had never seen one before. Poor guy. Maybe next time we will go our seperate ways at Target. He can hit up the camping supplies and the girls will look at shoes or baby items.

We did lose him for a bit. Katie decided to go look for him in the underwear section(because thats how her mind works). We found him eventually wandering the carseat isle. I knew I liked him for some reason!

3) On Friday Im going on a double date. We are making cookies from scratch. Eric, Ashley, Katie, and I. Yes, thats right I mentioned 3 girls and my date is obviously not a girl. I dont know how I get myself into these things. The short story is....Eric lives with Katie who is his cousin. Katie was hanging out with Ashley on Friday. To save Eric from the awkwardness I suggested we go do something. Katie found out and invited us to make cookies. I tried to get out of it but failed. Im not really liking my generation very much.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Calvary Chapel campus

"By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches."
-Proverbs 24: 3-4

While in Caneille, Haiti I stayed at a Calvary Chapel.

I felt so at home the entire time! We stayed with the pastor and his wife.
 Betty and Bastia welcomed us into their house with open arms.
It was a lot like a campus.

This is the old church. Located right next to the house.
I cant imagine how hot and crowded that place got!
Since they built the new church this has become the gathering place.
We had random praise and worship sessions, surfed the internet, read books, played with puppies, and just talked all under that tin roof.
Recently they built a beautiful new church! Its not finished yet but it was still amazing.
All that's left is windows, doors, and tile.
They think they will have to expand in about 2 years!
This is the entrance to the house.
To the left is the office, to the right is just an enclosed patio,
and straight  through the door is the room below.

This is part of the living room.
You can see the bathroom a bit too.
We got electricity at night because of the generator.
This is the room I saw my first tarantula. Under the white chair.

This is the other side of the room shown above.
I did lots of journaling,talking, reading, taking in Haiti, and putting together crafts on that love seat.
You can see two bedroom doors on the left and right of the picture.

This is the office.
All of my emails and facebook updates happened here.

The kitchen!
It was tiny but yummy things came out of it.
To the left was the living room.
Here is where I sat for 3 meals a day.
We fellow shipped, ate, talked, and laughed at this table.
I always loved being able to eat and look through the door at the Haitian people.
The noises were cool too.

Here is where I slept.
I was on the bottom bunk and my bestie Shannon was on the top bunk.
It was so hot that we never even slept under the blankets!
Waking up to the sound of roosters, pigs squealing, and the language of creole being spoken became the norm.
I really miss it.
We woke up by 7am and always went to bed late.

This is our room.
Our bunks were to the right.
As you can see it was a bit crowded with two suitcases.
We just learned to climb over each other.

The shower.
The bathroom had no running water and no lights!
We couldn't even use the toilet.

We dipped the small laddle like container into the red bucket.
Then poored the water on ourselves.
All while being in the dark.
It was an interesting experience.

To the right is the sink.
The blue bucket had water in it and the yellow container caught all the water.
Lots of hand sanitizer was used!

This is a typical Haitian fence.
They use cactus'.

The outhouse!
If you went really early in the morning it didn't smell as bad.
I preferred spending as little as time as possible here.

They had blue toilet paper too!
No electricity in this place either.
I was always scared a spider was going to crawl out of the toilet. ha

There was a radio station up on the hill.
When we would go up and read on the hill, the kids would meet us by the fence.
They loved singing songs, teaching us creole, and playing hand games.
This is the kitchen used for the church.
It was really interesting watching them cook.
The kids would also run up and get water here.

So there you have it! A tour of the campus.
There was a few other buildings like the teachers housing(never actually saw the inside), generator building, and 1 building I never asked what it was for.

It felt like such a safe haven and I loved my time spent here!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

VBS Haiti style

While in Haiti we had a women's seminar and did VBS for the younger children. Although we couldn't communicate with the kids verbally, smiles told a lot about how much fun they had. I've helped with VBS in the States before but having VBS in Haiti was so much better!
The theme for the VBS was creation.
It was a great theme!

We had 6-8 year olds for 2 days and 9-12 year olds for 3 days.

I had a blast playing games with the kids, doing crafts, and teaching them about how God created the world.

We also gave the kids bread and juice at the beginning of the day.

The kids loved getting their picture taken!
My friend Shannon even taught a few how to take a picture on her camera.

It really hit me when I was told the kids rarely got to color/draw pictures.
They don't have access to paper or markers.
Broke my heart.
Some of them had amazing talent at drawing too!

Seeing the kids worship Jesus was an amazing experience.
I knew a lot of the songs in english.
So while they were singing in creole, I was singing next to them in english. 

The kids never wanted to leave at the end of the day.
We had to hand out treats by the gate.
It was hard watching them walk away.

The women's seminar also went great too!
The topic was marriage, the role of the wife, and purity.
When asked if they wanted to except Christ almost all of them stood up!

VBS and the women's seminar brought in a lot of kids and adults!
I love knowing that I helped at least plant a seed in their hearts.