Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Smart phone

I have finally joined the 'I own a smart phone group!' About time too. I'm in love...its become an addiction. Words with friends anyone?

I love my phone even more when it says on Wednesday and Thursday it will be around 40! Seriously, I'm normally the person that can not wait until we get snow! This year though I have to drive in it myself though. So it can hold off...forever. I'm enjoying my 40 degree November, thank you very much.


I'm wearing tights. I haven't worn tights since my Mom dressed me back in preschool. I hated those things and swore they would never touch my legs again! It only took me twelve years to get over my hatred towards tights.


I'm interviewing Father Dave sometime soon for my religions in america class. I don't remember ever talking to a catholic priest. I'm excited for some reason!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday 2011

I'm going on year four of Black Friday shopping with my Mom! This year was a little different though. The weather was actually nice! Every other year it was sleeting, windy and cold! I liked the 45 degrees this year! Secondly, my Mom and I weren't alone. I kind of missed just her and I but it was fine. My sister wanted to go for the first time ever, Shannon wanted to go, and Zach just wanted a ride. So we added three more people. Which was fine. I got 4 pairs of new shoes which is crazy for me! I normally have 1-2 pairs I wear till they are worn out.

Every year is a bit different but I re-learn the same things. Maybe next year Ill actually remind myself of all these things.
  • The things I shop for will be there at 9,10, or even 11! No need to get up at 3am.
  • Don't get to attached to things because Mom will make you wait till Christmas before you can wear it.
  • You may be done shopping by 10 but don't think you have the rest of the day to do anything. You will crash the minute you get home.
  • You always will run into at least one person you know. So don't skip out on applying make-up and dressing descent.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Im thankful for......
My friends, who I couldnt imagine my life without!

This guy.

My sister who is as annoying as I once thought.

My parents who raised me.

Im of course thankful for so much more but I dont have pictures of it all! ha

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Airforce vs. College

Ive been thinking about the future a lot lately. Im at the point in school where I go see college reps and Im constantly being told I need to start making some choices. I have two years till college and I have a feeling the next two years will fly by. When I was younger I loved planning my future. It was fun when I could dream about my plans and change them anytime I want. When I look back on past plans some of the goals I set for myself are still intack others have faded( I dont see myself having twelve children!).

Two plans Ive always had was to become a neonatal nurse or join the Airforce. It scares me to think that I need to make these decisions soon. I don't feel ready to take the next step. Ive been wishing for the day that I would graduate high school. At the moment I'm dreading it because it means I need to make decisions that will effect the rest of my life.

So I made a pro and con list!


  • No debt! They will pay for my college education
  • Free travel
  • I could get into the medical field
  • Ill be giving back to my country
  • I'm scared
  • 4 years of my life I will be in the military and another 4 after that in college to become a neonatal nurse. Ill be 25 when that's all done!


  • Accomplish my dream of becoming a neonatal nurse
  • Will only take 4 years and then I can begin my dream job
  • Debt! College is expensive

This list didnt even help me! Im doomed. Maybe Ill just become a hobo.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Last night I went to see Breaking Dawn with my friend Andrea! It was a really good movie. I didnt like Bellas wedding dress though. Maybe because Ive been watching to much of Say Yes to the Dress. Other than that I think they did a fabulous job with the movie! I cant wait till the last movie comes out!

Speaking of weddings my friends sister got married on Saturday. It was at the courthouse so I didnt go. Its weird to think that her and I played with My Little Ponies in the back of the bus when we were younger. Now she is married. Life goes way to fast.

Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Question Friday

1. Do you have a go to song that always puts you in a good mood?
I don't have a specific song. It really matters what my favorite song at the moment is. It changes frequently.

2. Are you a real Christmas tree kinda person or do you go with a real fake one?
 I am a real Christmas tree kind person! Its tradition to go cut down our tree. One of my favorite parts about the holiday season.

3. What are you thankful for?
My family, my friends, good health, the ability to get a good education,etc.

4. Which fashion fad from the past do you wish you could wear today?
This is the best picture I could find. But I love the clothes from the 80s(at least most of it). Sweatshirts off the shoulder, leg warmers, neon colors, etc.

5. Do you wait until the "low fuel" light comes on before you fill up the gas tank?
No! I start freaking out when I have only half of a tank. Don't get me started when I only have a quarter or less left.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What the future will bring

2009- Freshman Year

2010- Sophomore Year

2011- Junior Year

I have gone to three high school homecomings already. It's crazy how fast high school is going. As you can see through the homecoming pictures the people in our group shots have changed throughout the years. A lot like our paths in life will bring change for us all throughout the years/

In 10 or 20 years when I find these pictures I wonder what will come to my mind.
  • Will I remember all the fun I had or the drama that high school is full of?
  • Will I wonder where all these people are in life or will I still be part of their life?
A group of girls that I will forever cherish in my hearts. Girls that I have had so many amazing memories with and will hopefully continue to make many more.

  • Will I marry my plastic surgeon and will Syd marry her fire fighter?
  • Will we all follow our dreams?
  • Will we continue walking with the Lord?
  • Where will our life take us?
  • Who will all of these amazing girls marry?
  • I wonder if Sarah will get her gap between her teeth fixed or if Shannon will get a boob job.
  • How many of us will have gray hair?
It makes me sad to think of us all parting ways. Hopefully we stay in contact but I know a few of us might not. We all have different life plans and dreams. Dreams that will take some of us far away.

All you can do is appreciate the time we have left together.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I hate clubs

I joined a club recently.

 Its not a club that you want to be part of. Not a club you can sign up to be in. Its the kind of club that you don't truly understand until you are forced into it. A club where only the members really understand how horrible it feels to be part of this club. The club that so many people think they are apart of but really have no idea.

My sister has been dealing with things recently. Things that involve counseling, social services, and the police.

I don't feel its my right to go into details because its not my story to tell.

Ive joined the "My family has some serious problems" club.

I feel really alone even though I'm not. My Mom is staying strong for my sister.  My dad is trying to stay strong for her too. They both blame themselves. As if something they did caused this. Which leaves me trying to stay strong for the whole family.

So count your blessings next time you feel the need to complain about your family or your life in general. I didnt appreciate how normal my family was until it wasnt normal. You cant turn back the hands of time.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Last night I gave my favorite waitress a tip that consisted of $1, a piece of gum, and a chocolate chip granola bar. She understood the meaning I was trying to get across. One day Ill make up for my lack of money. Until then Ill have to get more creative with my tipping.

We have also become regulars at the truckstop! She knows we come in late at night or early in the morning about once every week. Its exciting!

Yesterday was my schools auction. It was boring like always but the food was good! I didn't buy anything this year. But I did get a funny story out of it! My parents always give me their bidding number because I'm responsible with it! My friend Sarah was trying to convince her parents to give her their bidding number for the silent auction. They laughed and said "NO". Which makes a lot of sense because Sarah likes to spend money like crazy on stupid unnecessary things! Sarah and I eventually found out the bidding number. While I was checking on one of my items that I had bid on, Sarah decided to bid on something too! She bid $36 on a bucket of popcorn filled with 4 movie tickets. Lucky for her someone outbid her in the last 5 minutes of the auction. Well thats my story. Proof that Sarah will be in a massive amount of debt once she moves out and is in charge of her finances.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is 11/11/11.
Ive been waiting for this day for a long time!
I'm scheduling this post for it will be published at exactly 11:11am on 11/11/11.
Now on to less important things......
A quick conversation I had with my friend Shannon.

Shannon: You look like a pope when you wear your headband like that!
Me: Pope's don't wear anything resembling my headband on their head
Shannon: Yes they do! I'm Jewish I know these things unlike you!
Me: Jews have rabbi's not popes.
Shannon: What? Oh I mean....I knew that!
Me: And we go to the same church! I'm not Jewish or catholic.


I  was going to donate blood yesterday for the first time! I couldn't though because I went to Haiti this summer. I have a fear of needles too. Actually, its more of a fear of needles that touch me. I can watch someone get a shot or see someone get stitches easily. So I'm not disappointed that I couldn't do it.

You should donate blood though! Save a life. That's what convinced me to try and do it. It was also on my bucket list so I will have to do it eventually.


It's Friday, Friday Gotta get down on Friday.....

Sorry that was so six months ago! I still sing that line when someone mentions that it is Friday. Time to break that habit!

Moving on....
My friend Sarah will kill me once she realizes I have put this collage on my blog. It makes me laugh so my death will be worth it.
This picture makes me miss summer! The tank tops, lifest, my birthday, mosquito bites, and camping! Sydney gave me that sippy cup for my 15th birthday! It wasn't even my birthday yet so I was technically only fourteen in this picture. Time sure flies! This picture is another one that makes me laugh because of all the mosquito's bites I had! My friends don't even know why I got bit so many times. Maybe I should tell them...or not. Mysteries are fun!

By the way its 11/11/11 today!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I always love looking back at all my other blog posts about the music I was into at the time. I can only imagine in 10 years looking back and seeing how music has changed.

1.Oats We Sow- Gregory and the Hawk

2. Rush- Ferras

3. Play Hard- Midi Mafia

4. We Found Love- Rihanna

5. Words I Couldnt Say- Leighton Meester

6. Lay It On Me- Kelly Rowland

7. Paradise- Coldplay

8. Summer Girl- Leighton Meester

9. Little Miss- Sugarland

10. Oh Darling- Plug in Stereo

11. Bad- The Cab

12. Mr. Saxobeat- Alexandra Stan

Monday, November 7, 2011

You were right

One of my favorite books is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. My favorite quote from the book is "Don’t judge people, Scout, until you’ve worn that person’s skin and walked around in it for a while".

Some people express how the are feeling out loud.

Others keep it all inside.

A few post it online.

I never realized how how easy it is to put on a smile yet still be hurting on the inside. I never wanted to know how easy it was either. I once judged people who seemed to have a perfect life yet complained on twitter or in a blog post. Sometimes your life isn't how it seems to others.

 I learned that the hard way.

So to my friends who have wondered what the hell has been wrong with me lately. I'm not ready to share the details because I'm one to keep it all inside. But you were right something has been wrong. I could deny it all I want but that doesn't change things.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


My friend got in a little fender bender recently. I think my group of friends have the worst of luck when it comes to driving!  We all have different driving styles too. I'm considered the "boring safe" driver that has a great sense of direction. Shannon doesn't know what a break is! She tends to use it at the last possible moment. Chelsey likes going fast and randomly slamming on her breaks when I'm drinking something in the passenger seat. Sydney gets lost everywhere!

My friend Chelsey once rear-ended a cop car.

I ran into a fridge while pulling into the garage.

Sydney hit a car parked on the street while pulling out of her drive-way.

Shannon had a deer hit her on her way home.

See, I wasn't kidding. We have bad luck when it comes to cars! We do get some good laughs out of our mishaps though. And we have funny stories to tell others!

Friday, November 4, 2011


I looked up my name on urban dictionary. Some of the definitions are hilarious and others describe me perfectly!

"An awesome girl, very pretty, likes funny stuff ,hates guys who annoy her, mostly likes to be alone and likes technology. "
 I am pretty awesome. I like funny stuff. I don't exactly hate guys that annoy me but I do have a strong dislike for them. I actually do like being alone and I love technology.
"A person who turns your negativity and stigma into the opposite. Very attractive, sexy, considerate, adorable, hopeless romantic (but you should be too so its ok) humble and a perfectionist. Rae's have good insight and will always tell you the truth about anything whether you like it or not you were realize it was good or you and that they're right. This person will always make you a better person and you cannot help but to love everything about them, even the imperfection, they are just that great. A homie, lover, friend 100%."
I do tend to tell the truth whether you like it or not. I'm not very humble and I'm somewhat of a perfectionist.
"Rae is describing a girl that prefers sweats over skirts..jordans over high heels. Found at the club closest to the mirror with an eye on the black guys with the nice "swagga". Moody when things don't go her way but a good sales person. dark haired green eyed Mexican sounding girl. Only down for a party when its convenient for her schedule so time doesn't get taken from her playa rep."
I do like my sweats but I could pass on the jordans. I'm not a fan of black guys( at least not to date). Yes, I admit I do get moody when things don't go my way. I'm not a good sales person! Yea I don't have even a hint of Mexican in me. Im always down for a party!
"Basically a woman considered promiscuous."
This one made me laugh! Im not promiscuous at all!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


On Sundays my friends uncle died. He left behind a little boy whose first birthday is 4 days away.

His girlfriend found him in the basement, laying on the ground covered in blood. He had overdosed on heroin and cracked his head open when he fell. Jeni found him alive and tried to save him. The EMT arrived and they tried to save him.

Drugs destroy families.

Jeni is now a single mom that has to raise a little boy. A little boy who's father died because of heroin. He was a good dad, he had a steady job, and a nice house. Doesnt sound like the typical heroin user I see on TV or hear about in the news. His family had no idea he has into heroin.

I don't understand why people feel the need to do drugs. To put everything on the line, just to get a high. He had no idea today would be his last day here on earth.

He could of easily been alive today.

This little boy will grow up not knowing his Dad.

 Drugs are not worth it.