Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Prom talk 2012

And the famous prom speeches begin....I honestly feel bad for our Coach. She has to deal with us! This years went about as good as last years. <---Click to read about it
A little boy was writing us a message with his french fry and Chelsey decided to copy him.
It says "Hi"

Coach:Only if you are married then you are allowed to have a sex! Not with boyfriends or fiances...You need a ring on your hand and a marriage license signed!
Alyssa: What if we are married and have a boyfriend?
Me: Technically you would have a ring and a marriage license
Coach: No! Well I guess that is your choice but I hope you don't go that route!
Alyssa: Thanks for clarifying that coach!
Making chocolate milk while "cleaning" the kitchen at school.

Me: She said we couldn't have sex or drink alcohol. She never said anything about smoking!
Syd: How old do you have to be to smoke weed?
Me: Ummm Syd....its illegal.
Syd: Oh.
Chelsey: Hey coach you never said if smoking pot was okay or not?
Coach: Do I really have to spell everything out for you?
All: Yes!
Coach: No smoking weed either!

The box says "Got an issue? Take a tissue!"
Apparently our school has a lot of problems.

In other news I made a few nice catches at the game tonight! I also did not come home with a concussion and a black eye. We played at the same field where I managed to get both at last year. I love being injury free...*knock on wood*

Tonight after the game Chelsey and I went to McDonalds.
We had a nice time together!
Time just flew by when we were talking.

Once again cleaning the kitchen

I just read all of my previous softball posts on my blog.
At times when I want to quit those make me change my mind.
There has a been bad things but there has also been good things!

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