Thursday, May 31, 2012


I never understood when someone said they loved a sport.
To me sports were nothing but time wasters that I joined in order to add to my social life.
Just me up at bat...
Then I joined one of the worst time wasters ever!
A sport called softball.

And I finally understood what it is like to love a sport.
At times I feel like giving up and tossing my glove(at my coach preferably),
I remember all the memories that softball has brought me.
And pushing your coach in a pool is so much better than throwing a glove at her.

Yes, the horrible season just ended yet I miss it already.
Seriously just look at those sexy uniforms!

Only 10 months till the start...and the beginning of the end.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer 2012

                                                                    It is finally here!
                                                                      Summer 2012
                                                         So far it has been awesome!

It began with a trip to Wisconsin Dells!
Syd, Sarah, and I stayed in a tent together.
We swam at Mt.Olympus and did a lot of shopping.

Syd even flashed the whole wave pool!
It wasn't on purpose but it was hilarious.
My cousin Caleb ended up in our tent for the night.
I do not even remember the last time I actually had a conversation with that kid.
I think he enjoyed hanging out with us cool girls.

On Monday I went to my Swedish friends graduation party.
I ended up pushing my softball coach into the pool.
I didn't intend on going in myself but she resisted more than I thought she would have.

Finally on my first "real" day of summer I ended up spending 3 hours at school.
I was on yearbook and I had not even started any of my pages.
I finished the softball page!
I also got to spend some time with my favorite teacher Senora.
She is leaving us and I'm super bummed about it!

I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a good one!

Friday, May 25, 2012

In these small hours

I had this big end of the school year post planned.
Then life got in the way.
So here is the best I could come up with....It's over!

I have officially completed my junior year of high school. Next year everything will be a last. I have been ready to graduate since my first day of pre-school.
No lie.

Now that graduation is a year away I'm wanting to rewind time.
Life has been pretty great lately.
I'm enjoying this semi-care free life that I'm living.

My junior year turned out to be a good one!
  • Having the ability to drive was awesome! No more waiting for my Mother to pick me up from school.
  • I have had boyfriends before but nothing really serious until this year. Its been a great 10 months!
  • Actually enjoying a science class! Chemistry+Me= BFF....okay maybe not. I still enjoyed the class!
  • Getting rid of that awful curfew! My parents gave me one finally....and I think they might of forgotten about it!
  • Study halls with Brenda and Nancy. Brenda was horrible but Nancy made up for it!
  • Actually playing softball. No more bench for this girl! I loved getting grass and dirt stains on my pants. Making a few awesome catches was also kind of nice.
  • Not playing volleyball! Best decision ever.
  • Prom
  • Tramp stamp Jesus
  • Sarah playing softball
  • My fantastic naps in U.S. History
  • Getting a job...I feel very adultish
  • Getting a smart phone! It has been a life saver especially that wonderful spark notes app.
Junior year had a lot of great memories but it also had its bad parts. Parts that allowed me to grow as a person and a friend. Im excited yet scared on what the future holds.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


If you are bored and feel like checking out an awesome website check-out .
Im not even kidding. I wasted so much time on it!

1) Feel So Close- Calvin Harris

2) Somebody That I Used To Know- GOTYE

3) Shinin' On Me- Jerrod Niemann

4) Why You Wanna- Jana Kramer

5) Let Me Go- 3 Doors Down

6) Payphone- Maroon 5 (Took me forever to actually like this song! It finally grew on me)

7) Moon River- I like Audrey Hepburns version but other people sing it

8) Even the loser- Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

 9) Rest, Shame, Love- Augustana

10) Little Wonders- Rob Thomas

11)Back in time - Pitbull

12) Fallout- Marianas Trench

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Summer is within reach! By the end of this week I will be a senior in high school. Time has flown by! Hopefully the summer goes extremely slow....
Our softball season has sucked this year!
 Seriously, we did not have a single win all year until today!
14-8 was the final score.
I think all the napping that occurred on the bus ride there payed off!

I have officially decided that my future kids will not be allowed to get their license.
After reminiscing about our driving experiences I got a little freaked out.
My friends and I have way to many stories to tell about our bad driving!
Our Coach loved hearing about our stories too.
She only covered her ears a few times.

Coach Kellie promised that she would come drink with us once we turned 21.
That is a day I look forward too!
I will be the designated driver for the majority of the time though.
Being the last one to turn 21 sucks!
I will have some good black mail by the time my birthday comes around!

I have three finals this week.
Instead of studying, Im writing a blog post.
Keifer attempted to study on the bus but she fell asleep instead.
Thats how I feel all the time!

I wasnt joking about sleeping on the bus ride.
Coach even joined in on the fun!

After our win we went to McDonalds.
They had a huge playplace and I decided to climb into it.
After coming down the slide my back and knees were killing me!
I felt old....really old.

3 more days till school is over!
Not that Im counting or anything...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

1 week

Summer is within reach!
Shorts, sandals, tank tops, and the warm air!
A Starbucks Java Chip adds a nice touch.
Hopefully I will survive the last week of school.

Ignore the blinding whiteness you will see in the next few pictures.
We are from Wisconsin.
In other words we rarely go outside because its to cold!

When we do get the opportunities to bask in the sun,
we take full advantage!

Not sure whats up with this picture.

This year I'm actually going to attempt to get a little tan.
Normally I have two colors that consist of white or red.
I'm getting some other color because of softball!
That doesn't change my tan rating though.
Everyone else is still tanner.
Except for the Ginger...

On Friday we had a "Fun Olympics" for a couple of grade schools.
So we spent a ton of time outdoors.
Afterwards we ate lunch outside, kicked around a soccer ball, blasted music from the cars, and tanned on the hoods of the cars.
We might of broken the "No off campus" lunch rule.

Im off to my schools spring concert.
It is 90 degrees and Im stuck inside of our school gym.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

But I wanna be tan

This is how I spend my time at work. Trying to convince people that I have a tan...

Me: I'm thinking I should at least qualify for a light beige....
Matt: How about Ivory?
Me: Ivory is white!
Matt: Exactly.
Me: I deserve a little more color...
Matt: How about Eggshell?
Me: Like those brown eggshells?!
Matt: No the white ones.


Sarah: I always confuse Black Friday with Good Friday.

Sydney was digging around in Elisebeths bag.

Sydney: I wonder what is in this pocket.....a twix, tampon, and a calculator.
Rae: Three necessary items for surviving high a girl.

Amanda was talking to a boy after a softball game after we were all on the bus already.

Coach: Everyone look Amanda is talking to a boy!
Alyssa: Are you going to kiss her?

Conversation in math class with my teacher

Me: Mrs.Blocker I saw your boys at Pizza Ranch but you were not there!
Mrs. Blocker: Well you see I'm on this thing called a diet and buffets normally do not work in my favor. Except I did go to Mr. Steinhaus' for a party. So I always leave room for beer.

Discussing Amandas boyfriends name

Alyssa: His name is Richard right?
Kayla: Yes.
Ivy: We can call him Dick!
Lydia: You know coach is on the bus.
Ivy: Dicks a good name...I like it.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Me: So what are we doing today?
Eric: I feel like driving around and getting lost!

After stopping for coffee that is exactly what we attempted to do.  Drive around until we got lost. Except getting lost with me in the car is sort of hard. Not to brag or anything but I have been called the human GPS on a few occasions.
Two weeks till I'm out of school!
My summer will consist of taking two summer classes, working, going to Haiti, and a weekend in Door County with my girls!
Im sure I will add other things to this list eventually.

Making smoke bombs in Chemistry class!

I only have three finals at the end of the year.
Im not worried about any of them.
Its a nice relief!
Ill probably freak out more the day before though.

The hole in the wall in the math room.
I have no idea how it got there.....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Three weeks

What happens when you leave a sixteen year old girl home alone for 3 days?
She invites her friends over and they make casserole.
No lie.
We didnt even follow a recipe.
It turned out good too!
It was weird having a sleepover in the middle of the week.

It was an interesting night.
Lots of tears and hugging occurred.
Its important to have times like that.
Overall we had fun!

Just cleaning a saddle during study hall.
No big deal.

Two weeks left of school!
Two weeks left of softball.
Two weeks until summer!
French friends topped with feta cheese!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Getting our phones during the bus ride

Chelsey: I hope she didnt turn my phone off! It takes like 12 minutes to turn back on!
Keifer: Your phone takes 12 minutes to turn on?
Chelsey: Yes! Its a blackberry....
Keifer: That should be their motto "Blackberry- We take 12 minutes to turn on."
Ivy: My dad thought they were called Blueberries.

During a time out in outfield

Me: Coach is so crabby today!
Ivy: Oh I know!
Coach: (yells from 2nd base) Rae, come here!
Me: Crap!
Ivy: Good luck. Ill be praying for you!
Me: (runs to coach) Yes?
Coach: (places hands on my shoulders) You are playing 2nd base.
Me: Okay...
Coach: Dont panic! You can do this. (walks away)

I had just slid into 3rd base(I eventually made it home!) and Coach was freaking.

Coach: (Walks up to me and hugs me) You are going to give me a heart attack! You are the reason for my gray hair! Good job though!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goals for softball

I was looking at old blog posts recently and ran across my old softball goals!
This year I totally forgot about creating a list of goals.
So I decided better late then never!
I added to the previous list.

1) Catch balls in glove...with two hands
So far I am doing a fantastic job at the whole ball in glove thing! Except my team will not let me forget about my other mishaps. Maybe next year they will forget! My coach is constantly yelling at me because I don't catch fly balls with two hands. So I need to remember to do that. Otherwise she might beat me more...literally.

2) Remember to keep clothes on while riding the bus
We are once again riding with the boys. I only take my clothes off after the games...when the boys are not looking! Okay, I guess I need to work harder towards this goal.

3) Try not to break a tee
I was the first one to break the new tee......

4) Become un-afraid of the pitching machine
The pitching machine hasnt come out a lot this year. I am proud to say that I am not afraid of it anymore! Earlier this season I was getting some amazing hits off of it!

5) Do not get injured
After being benched because of my concussion last year this is important! I hate the bench! So far I am doing a good job at meeting this goal! Except I think something is wrong with my shoulder. But my coach will not be hearing about it!

6) Catch ball using two hands
My coach has this thing with catching pop flies with both hands in the air. I never remember to get my other hand up there though! She never fails to remind me after the catch either. Hopefully I break my bad habit soon!

7) Play an entire game
I have played softball since my freshmen year but had never played an entire game. Finally as a junior I have played full games!

8) Dont freak out at Coach
My coach has been driving me crazy this year! Im not the only one either. It is so hard not to snap back at her. If she keeps it up she wont have a team next year!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prom 2012

Prom has been an event that I have waited to attend for so long!
April 28, 2012 I finally got to go.
It was such an amazing experience.
I loved getting dressed up and dancing the night away.
The majority of the junior class came to my house to get ready.
For the previous dances we get ready with our small groups.
I loved being all together in one place this time!
Good thing we had lots of hands to use.
Lacing up dresses is time consuming!

Our theme was "An Evening in Paris".
It was held at the Botanical Gardens.
The after prom was held at the YMCA.
I went with my boyfriend Eric!
He even gave me a foot massage half way into prom.
That's why he has lasted 9 months! ;)

For events like this the song "Time of Your Life" by Green Day pops into my head.

Another turning point;
A fork stuck in the road.
Time grabs you by the wrist;
Directs you where to go.
So make the best of this test and don't ask why.
It's not a question but a lesson learned in time.
It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.
So take the photographs
And still frames in your mind.
Hang it on a shelf
In good health and good time
Tattoos of memories
And dead skin on trial.
For what it's worth,
It was worth all the while.
It's something unpredictable
But in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.
Some of my favorite quotes from the nights were...
Sydney: Jared is naked in your house!
(Jared was taking a shower in my bathroom and she needed to inform me)
Coach: No sexy poses!
(Attempting to take a softball prom picture.)

Our school is a very touchy feely school.
No joke!
We are literally all over each other.
You cant walk out in the hallway without getting your butt slapped, high fived, hugged, or tackled.
One of the perks of going to a private school is that they aren't very strict on personal contact.
When I talk with alumni they say that's what they miss the most.
Proof is in the pictures.
The pictures below is of Luke and our Spanish teacher.

We got our Spanish teacher, English teacher, softball coach, and music teacher all out on the dance floor.
Most of the time they went willingly......

(Can you spot our softball coach?)

                                             I most certainly did have the time of my life!
Dancing with my friends, my team, my coach, and even my teachers.
It was a memory that I will not forget!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Softball Prom Pictures

Just how hard is it to get the softball team to pose for a "nice" picture?

Coach: No sexy poses! ....and apparently nobody listens to me!

Apparently very hard!
Coach even got involved in the dancing!