Sunday, May 20, 2012

1 week

Summer is within reach!
Shorts, sandals, tank tops, and the warm air!
A Starbucks Java Chip adds a nice touch.
Hopefully I will survive the last week of school.

Ignore the blinding whiteness you will see in the next few pictures.
We are from Wisconsin.
In other words we rarely go outside because its to cold!

When we do get the opportunities to bask in the sun,
we take full advantage!

Not sure whats up with this picture.

This year I'm actually going to attempt to get a little tan.
Normally I have two colors that consist of white or red.
I'm getting some other color because of softball!
That doesn't change my tan rating though.
Everyone else is still tanner.
Except for the Ginger...

On Friday we had a "Fun Olympics" for a couple of grade schools.
So we spent a ton of time outdoors.
Afterwards we ate lunch outside, kicked around a soccer ball, blasted music from the cars, and tanned on the hoods of the cars.
We might of broken the "No off campus" lunch rule.

Im off to my schools spring concert.
It is 90 degrees and Im stuck inside of our school gym.

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