Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Summer is within reach! By the end of this week I will be a senior in high school. Time has flown by! Hopefully the summer goes extremely slow....
Our softball season has sucked this year!
 Seriously, we did not have a single win all year until today!
14-8 was the final score.
I think all the napping that occurred on the bus ride there payed off!

I have officially decided that my future kids will not be allowed to get their license.
After reminiscing about our driving experiences I got a little freaked out.
My friends and I have way to many stories to tell about our bad driving!
Our Coach loved hearing about our stories too.
She only covered her ears a few times.

Coach Kellie promised that she would come drink with us once we turned 21.
That is a day I look forward too!
I will be the designated driver for the majority of the time though.
Being the last one to turn 21 sucks!
I will have some good black mail by the time my birthday comes around!

I have three finals this week.
Instead of studying, Im writing a blog post.
Keifer attempted to study on the bus but she fell asleep instead.
Thats how I feel all the time!

I wasnt joking about sleeping on the bus ride.
Coach even joined in on the fun!

After our win we went to McDonalds.
They had a huge playplace and I decided to climb into it.
After coming down the slide my back and knees were killing me!
I felt old....really old.

3 more days till school is over!
Not that Im counting or anything...

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