Saturday, May 12, 2012


Me: So what are we doing today?
Eric: I feel like driving around and getting lost!

After stopping for coffee that is exactly what we attempted to do.  Drive around until we got lost. Except getting lost with me in the car is sort of hard. Not to brag or anything but I have been called the human GPS on a few occasions.
Two weeks till I'm out of school!
My summer will consist of taking two summer classes, working, going to Haiti, and a weekend in Door County with my girls!
Im sure I will add other things to this list eventually.

Making smoke bombs in Chemistry class!

I only have three finals at the end of the year.
Im not worried about any of them.
Its a nice relief!
Ill probably freak out more the day before though.

The hole in the wall in the math room.
I have no idea how it got there.....

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