Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goals for softball

I was looking at old blog posts recently and ran across my old softball goals!
This year I totally forgot about creating a list of goals.
So I decided better late then never!
I added to the previous list.

1) Catch balls in glove...with two hands
So far I am doing a fantastic job at the whole ball in glove thing! Except my team will not let me forget about my other mishaps. Maybe next year they will forget! My coach is constantly yelling at me because I don't catch fly balls with two hands. So I need to remember to do that. Otherwise she might beat me more...literally.

2) Remember to keep clothes on while riding the bus
We are once again riding with the boys. I only take my clothes off after the games...when the boys are not looking! Okay, I guess I need to work harder towards this goal.

3) Try not to break a tee
I was the first one to break the new tee......

4) Become un-afraid of the pitching machine
The pitching machine hasnt come out a lot this year. I am proud to say that I am not afraid of it anymore! Earlier this season I was getting some amazing hits off of it!

5) Do not get injured
After being benched because of my concussion last year this is important! I hate the bench! So far I am doing a good job at meeting this goal! Except I think something is wrong with my shoulder. But my coach will not be hearing about it!

6) Catch ball using two hands
My coach has this thing with catching pop flies with both hands in the air. I never remember to get my other hand up there though! She never fails to remind me after the catch either. Hopefully I break my bad habit soon!

7) Play an entire game
I have played softball since my freshmen year but had never played an entire game. Finally as a junior I have played full games!

8) Dont freak out at Coach
My coach has been driving me crazy this year! Im not the only one either. It is so hard not to snap back at her. If she keeps it up she wont have a team next year!

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