Friday, May 25, 2012

In these small hours

I had this big end of the school year post planned.
Then life got in the way.
So here is the best I could come up with....It's over!

I have officially completed my junior year of high school. Next year everything will be a last. I have been ready to graduate since my first day of pre-school.
No lie.

Now that graduation is a year away I'm wanting to rewind time.
Life has been pretty great lately.
I'm enjoying this semi-care free life that I'm living.

My junior year turned out to be a good one!
  • Having the ability to drive was awesome! No more waiting for my Mother to pick me up from school.
  • I have had boyfriends before but nothing really serious until this year. Its been a great 10 months!
  • Actually enjoying a science class! Chemistry+Me= BFF....okay maybe not. I still enjoyed the class!
  • Getting rid of that awful curfew! My parents gave me one finally....and I think they might of forgotten about it!
  • Study halls with Brenda and Nancy. Brenda was horrible but Nancy made up for it!
  • Actually playing softball. No more bench for this girl! I loved getting grass and dirt stains on my pants. Making a few awesome catches was also kind of nice.
  • Not playing volleyball! Best decision ever.
  • Prom
  • Tramp stamp Jesus
  • Sarah playing softball
  • My fantastic naps in U.S. History
  • Getting a job...I feel very adultish
  • Getting a smart phone! It has been a life saver especially that wonderful spark notes app.
Junior year had a lot of great memories but it also had its bad parts. Parts that allowed me to grow as a person and a friend. Im excited yet scared on what the future holds.

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