Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bad week

Im having a strange week. For some reason Im attracting the weirdest guys ever!

Incident #1

The one time I wear a cut off t-shirt it ends badly. I went to the truck stop to eat with my friend Katie. While I was paying an old guy(60 or older) says "You're lucky little lady that you are wearing a tube top(modern day term-blue sports bra) under that t-shirt. It doesnt cover much. Leaves a nice view though!" Eww!!!! Never again. Im going to wear the baggiest sweatshirt I can find the next time I go there.

Incident #2

At work I was working at the front desk. A guy, who looked about twenty-five, asked for a piece of paper. On his way out the door he hands me the paper and says "My names Jamie and here is my number. You should call me some time or look me up on facebook. Whatever you prefer." He then winks at me and walks away. Half the employees at Pizza Ranch have the guys number now. Since Im jail bait and have a boyfriend. His facebook profile wasnt to pleasing either. Major creep.

It has just been a bad week in general.

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