Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family names

Hey Sarah, what do you think about these old people names?

Euphrasia, Phyllis, Adele, Gladys, Geraldine, Alvina, Marlis, Elmer, Altha, Elroy, Delores, Doralee, Alexei, Otto, and Toby.

I got bored and decided to look at my Moms family tree. These were my favorite names that I found! ha. I dont think I will be picking names for my future children from the good ole' family tree. They were not all that bad. You can defintely tell that many of my relatives are/were catholics. We got a lot of biblical/saint names.

We have a lot of twins too! Except we are not very creative when it comes to naming them.
Denise and Dennis? Gerard Jon and James Gerard? Where is the creativity!? Im very disappointed.

Stella and Josephine were on the list too. I love those names!

Do any of you have strange names in your family tree?

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