Sunday, June 10, 2012

Its so hot!

I cant believe its the second week in June already!
I start getting depressed starting in July because I feel that summer is fading to quickly.
This past week my class had a surprise goodbye party for our German friend Caro.
We also took her out to lunch and the beach.
Finding a typewriter with ink was awesome!
Perfect way to leave behind a memory.
That day ended with me jumping through a car window in the drive-thru and
Sydney driving on grass that she thought was a drive-way at Pizza Ranch.

In between working 30 hours I managed to go on a mini-roadtrip with my friend.
We found a working tanning bed in her Aunts basement.
Katie of course decided to strip down and go tanning right then and there.
She makes me laugh sometimes.
Eric dragged me to the Humane Society the next day.
I hate going to that place!
I always want to bring a ton of cats and dogs home with me.
Somehow I was convinced to go to a park.
I hate parks.
Im not 100% sure what sparked my hatred but its there.
I lasted ten minutes before I left to go see a movie.
The Avengers!
Good movie to see if you like superhero movies.
I had planned on going alone(I like doing things alone).
Except apparently only "loners" go to movies alone.
So I ended up being joined by Andrea and Zach.
Oh and a random kid that decided to sit next to me.

My favorite part of summer?
The bonfires!
And the things that occur at bonfires.
Nothing like hanging out with friends!

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Elisebeth said...

More bonfires! More bonfires! :) Oh, and more beer pong ;)