Monday, June 18, 2012

My job

I love my job! I do not get paid top dollar(minimum wage for this girl) and I do not do anything exciting (I just love dealing with other peoples unwanted food!) but I love going to work.

I'm starting to make friends. The kind of friends that when you are about to put old gravy from the buffet on your mashed potatoes they stop you, insist that you follow them to the kitchen, and then proceed to pour fresh gravy on your potatoes. This guy has some real friend potential! So far I like the guys better than the girls. Mainly because I interact with them more when Im doing drive-thru.

I like the managers and the top dogs. Jordan(the manager that I think might be gay but no one is sure) was one of my favorite managers! He recently quiet though because he is going to school to become a doctor. His replacement is awesome too!  My favorite thing about Caitlyn(the new manager) is that she pretends not to notice when I steal a sucker and manage to eat it while being in charge of answering phones.

My favorite jobs so far include answering the phones, filling the ice cream machine, washing dishes, and bussing. I at first hated drive-thru because I got bored really easy. Once I started chatting with the people at the front desk and being their back-up it became a lot better! It was the possibility of becoming my favorite job. If only I got tips.

I also dropped by first pizza. Oops. Thank goodness it wasnt on anyone though! We had a girl do that and get fired. The pizza was in a box ready for delivery and it just fell. I dont really think it was my fault but Trevor blamed me anyway. We opened the box(which landed upside down) and the pizza was still in good shape. I also got to dig in the garbage recently. A lady somehow managed to lose her credit card in a  stack a few plates that I took. I found it under about six inches of garbage. Lori(another manager/owner) helped me find it. Some people are just stupid. Who puts a credit card on a used plate?

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