Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Park

Eric and I went to Pamperin park recently.
I spent a lot of time there was a kid.
It was one of the only parks I actually enjoyed going to.
Mainly because they had a stream with craw fish and stuff that you could catch.
As a kid I was in heaven!
This may have a sexual meaning but oh well.

 Eric confiscated my phone and said "Time to stop being a city girl for a bit."
I  than proceeded to catch a crayfish with my fingers.
How is that for a city girl!
He was impressed since he failed multiple times at catching one.
He returned my phone for a quick picture of Harry.
We let him tag along on our adventure and finally let him go.
I think he was glad for the experience.

We also met got followed by a few kids that wanted to join us on our adventure.
I don't have pictures of them because my phone was in Eric's pocket.

So we skipped rocks and almost fell in a few times.
Had our toes pinched by the crayfish.
Worked on my "tan."

Even though this is defacing private property I thought it was cute.
I would say yes!

My guy on the railroad tracks.
We had a good day at my old stomping grounds!

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