Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Eric and I had our first fight. It only took eleven months to happen. It was one of those stupid fights that once over you just laugh about. Which we did right after we settled the matter!

I have the worst tan lines ever!
You cant tell from this picture but they are bad!
I have three fingers tanned into my arm.
Only half of my back/shoulder is tan/burned. 
My back was like three different strap tans.
Don't even get me started on me thighs.
Which are tan in the front and on the right side only.
Next year I'm staying out of the sun!
I do have a nice arm tan though.

Apparently I'm only sick of Pizza Ranch pizza!
I ate like half of this pizza with Eric, Katie, Justin, and Katherine.
It was so yummy!
Or maybe it just tasted good because it was at 12am.

My sister hit a home run!
I lasted an inning before I had to go to work.
They killed the other team.
Their pitchers are awesome!
I wish we could take one of them for our team.

I'm taking two summer classes.
So every Tuesday and Thursday I'm stuck going to school from 9-5:50pm.
I like my classes so far and they count for college credit!
The English class is going to kick my butt though.
All we do is write papers.
Its a class my friend Sarah would love.
The papers are on interesting subjects, I just hate writing.

I thought I would leave you with this picture of my lazy cat.
What a cutie!
I recently read an article about the eight things people do when they are overly attached to their pets.
I fit 5/8.
I just cant resist my cat!
I love him.

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