Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sweet Summer

Aww sweet summer! I have been enjoying relaxing and not worrying about anything!

Last week I spend 3 days at school working on the yearbook.
It was nice being able to spend time with my favorite teacher who is leaving next year!
We spent a lot of time working on yearbook of between watching Keeping up with the Kardashians, Law and Order: SVU, and Friends. We also threw in a little ice cream break.
There is only a few pictures of myself in the yearbook that I do not like! Other than that the yearbook is looking good!

I also helped out at my schools golf outing.
The money we raised is going to the athletic department.
So each sport was given a hole and we had games to go with each sport.
With softball you got to hit a wiffleball with a huge plastic bat.
Wherever the ball landed was where you got to tee off from.
I was the only softball player there with the two coaches!
It wasn't that bad.
They sure like gossiping though!
I also got a wonderful burn from sitting outside so long!
I didn't notice it until I was at work and my thighs felt like they were on fire!
My Mom handed me the aloe and said "If your shorts weren't so short, than the burn wouldn't have been so bad!"
I love that woman!

I also got to walk down memory lane with a few of my friends.
We went to our old(closed) school and walked around.
It was fun reminiscing about the good ole' days there.
I miss it.
This was the fire place in the room I was in for 5th grade.
That was my favorite year of school!

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