Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sydneys Birthday Weekend

But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement the greater part of life is sunshine.
-Thomas Jefferson

I love summer!
The warm weather and endless nights.
Friends and beaches.
The memories that those together create.

I thought our plans would be ruined with a storm.
It just hailed for 30 minutes and than it was over!

Sarah and Sydney arrived soon after.
We ate lasagna roll-ups.
One of the things that I can actually make!

After Syd opened her presents we headed off to the concert.
Mariana's Trench was playing and my friends band was opening for them.
It was a pretty cool concert and I knew two of the songs!
Apparently Mariana's Trench band members are not very nice.
At least thats what my friend said.
We got a late night invite to a bonfire.
Of course we went because we had no other plans.
I got to see an old friend there.
It was weird.
Other than that it was enjoyable.
We go back home at 2 in the morning.

I wasnt sure how we would manage to get up the next morning.
Shannon arrived and I hopped in the shower.
Putting Shannon in charge of getting the girls up was a fail.
I had to get into drill sergeant mode

Finally we started our adventure to Door County!
Shannon was dubbed the navigator.
After failing miserably I decided to take over her job and drive.
We ended up at White Fish Dunes State Park.
Sandy beaches galore!
 The water was so clear...and cold!
After our seaweed fight we didnt last long in the water.
We did build a cool sandcastle though!
We drove to Cave Point next.
It was beautiful!
We stacked four rocks to represent the four of us.
It was the "cool" thing to do apparently.
Some of the rocks were stacked twenty high.

I decided to forget about our mapquest directions.
I hate follow directions!
Instead we decided to wing it.
I took a left at a random point and we ended up in Egg Harbor.
It was a cute town with little shops.
We even found the british shop that Sarah was talking about.

We then hopped back into the car and set off for food.
Which lead us to the town of Fish Creek.
We stopped for yummy pizza!
Im surprised we managed to eat it all.
The slices were huge!

We explored the town and went on a million bathroom breaks because of a certain someone!
Shannon and I fell in love with the buzzer pen and gun.
Totally going back to buy that!
I had planned on us going to a drive-in movie.
Which just happened to be a few miles from where we ended up.

We all decided that Brave is a stupid movie.
Which Im surprised others didnt have our same views.
Afterwards we saw The Avengers.
Actually I took a nap during the movie.

The original plan was to stay the night.
After the movie ended it was 1:30am.
I decided I would rather wake up in my own bed.
So Syd and Shannon continued to sleep in the back.
While Sarah and I sat in front and drove back home.

We finally made it back at 3am.
Of course I couldnt fall asleep right away when we got back.

I had a blast in Door County!
It was a perfect way to take a break from our busy lives and hang out as a group.
I cant wait to return and make more memories with my three besties!
Since Sydney got a birthday weekend, Im thinking I should get a birthday week?

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