Monday, June 4, 2012

Words to live by

I'm making a list of things I wish I had known earlier. A list that I plan on giving my sister. If only I knew these things before! I will be adding to this list as I think of more things...

  • If you're worried about who will find out, maybe you shouldn't be doing it.
My best friend Shannon tends to keep me accountable when it comes to things like that. If I feel bad telling Shannon than I know I should not have done it.
  • Never make someone a priority who would keep you as an option
I see this happen way to often! At times I have been caught in a situation like this. Its not fun and often leaves you hurt in the end.

  • Scissors are to be used for only cutting paper and other material.
During English class my friend Sarah cut her bangs because they were bugging her! They looked horrible at first but she eventually fixed them. I would not suggest cutting your own hair!

  • Do not ask a question you don’t want the answer to until you are emotionally ready to handle it. 
I'm a person that likes to know things. Once I find out sometimes I wish I had not.

  • Good friends are the ones who tell you that your ass looks big in those jeans or that you are making a mistake. Keep them forever.
I love that my group of friends are really honest with each other about things like this. Its important to

  • Learn to use jumper cables.
I did not know how to use them and had to call my boyfriend to help. Playing the role of the damsel in distress was not bad but I really should learn to use them.

  • The only thing you wash with white clothes? White clothes.
I have way to many articles of clothing that were once white and now have a pink or yellow tint. Not cool.
  • Nothing is wrong with being a follower. Just as long as you are following the right thing.
I never liked when people would tell their kids to be a leader. Not everyone is good at leading! If everyone was a leader, there would be no one to follow them. Sure at times being a follower is bad but thats when you need to use your own judgement.
  • Dont stress out about things you cant change
I have spent so much time in high school stressing out about stupid things! In the end everything turns out just fine. Dont worry about it

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