Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Haiti update 2012

*Pictures were suppose to be included but they took forever to upload! Oh well.

I forgot to bring a journal to Haiti this year. Thank goodness for WiFi which we only have at night when the generator is on....did I mention Im in Haiti?

The second time around is just as amazing! We have a whole new group but it is the same ole' Haiti.

I spent the night at my friend Shannons house on Sunday. We never get any sleep when we spend the night at eachothers houses. Three hours later we woke up and prepared to make the long drive to Chicago to catch our flight. It took a while because a phone was forgotten and Susan got sick.

We finally made it to O'Hare International Airport though! Shannon forced me to sit in the middle seat. What a brat! Shannon slept and I wrote my five page paper and listened to music. My little sister took my ipod with her to camp...without my permission. I paniked(because I need my music) and found my old ipod shuffle. No screen and 100 songs. Better than nothing.

We stayed at the Embassy Suites. The shuttle picked us up at the airport, after waiting outside in Miami four forty-five minutes. Once at the hotel we took another shuttle to Pollo Tropical, to keep up with tradition. Then we headed to the pool. It was refreshing!

Another sleepless night occured.

We had to catch our shuttle bus at 4:20am. Good times. We made it through security and even managed to get some Starbucks! Then we were off to Haiti.

We landed at the airport in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Got picked up by Bastia and went to a hotel to eat lunch. Driving in Haiti is always an adventure! Then we went to Eco Depot(Home Depot) to pick up some supplies. Finally we were ready for our three and a half hour drive to Caneille, Haiti.

Once we got to our destination I felt right at home! After lunch and a short nap we had a bible study at the church. I got to skype Sarah afterwards too!

The next day(which is today) we had a free day. We went over crafts for the upcoming VBS and found out that one of the dogs at puppies! My friend Shannon is in heaven!
Sorry if this post got long and boring. I need this for my memories!

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