Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peanut Butter

Its officially July! How did that happen? This summer is flying by. The good news is that my birthday is in 15 days!
I gave my Mom an early birthday present. Mother-Daughter Pedicures! She then proceeded to drag me into Christopher & Banks to shop. Yuck. I have horrible childhood memories that involve that place. I blew $36 on her in there. Good thing I love her!

I recently helped out at my Aunts firework stand.
The last time I did that was when my cousin Emory has a newborn.
Literally, he was two weeks old under the fireworks tent.
Emily and I had a blast watching him and bringing him around with us.
Six years fly by!

 In class we recently practiced "feeding" our clients.
Ashlie and I could not stop laughing.
Our class is awesome!
Especially the people.
All we do is joke around and laugh.
Good times.

Random Fact:

I have officially decided that I hate peanut butter.

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