Thursday, July 26, 2012


My summer classes are coming to an end. That means real school is right around the corner. Now that I got a taste of college..I don't want to return to high school. Back to dress codes, mandatory attendance, teachers treating you students like they are five, people that take your phone away if you use it and not having the ability to just walk outside. It's going to be rough.


So I made my sister run away. I know that makes me sound like a horrible person but really her definition of running away is to a local movie theater. It all started when I agreed to go to a movie with her. I got home from class to find that she set up camp in my room and decided to tour the place. Awesome. I freaked and refused to go to a movie with her. She proceeded to tell me how I'm such a horrible sister and how life isn't fair...blah blah blah. So while I was cooking my mac and cheese I hear the garage door slam and see my little sister bike down the street.

After I finished eating I decided to go after her. She bikes super fast! I almost gave up looking for her because I doubted she had made it that far already. I also had a mini heart attack when an ambulance went zooming by me.

In the end I drove and she biked to the movie theater. We watched a movie together, I told her she was an idiot, and we drove back home together.

I'm also charging her for the gas I wasted searching for her.

Sisters are just the best!

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