Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have finally found someone that likes abandoned places! I have a weird fascination with old buildings and such. You can find so much history in those places. Recently, my friend Zach and I went to check out the Brown County Mental Health buildings. I'm not sure how long ago it was abandoned, but it was pretty creepy. I didn't bring a camera, but I wished I would have! Instead I have this dark picture from my phone. The lights are from the flood lights.

I had my senior pictures taken last Tuesday.
I haven't seen them yet, but I think they turned out good.
My sister took this picture on my phone.

My best friend Shannon and I took a few together.
We showed up matching, which was unplanned.
It worked out perfectly though.
Originally I wanted more of my friends involved.
But times change.
I even got a few with my little sister.
We are not photogenic so I wonder how those will turn out.

I finally got my tragus pierced!
It didn't hurt that bad.
I was expecting the worse.
I'm planning on getting my other one soon.
The adrenaline rush I get is sweet.

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