Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have been on a Dawson's Creek kick. Who are my favorite characters you might ask? Definitely Jen and Pacey. I'm currently on season four. Which revolves around the characters last year of high school, also known as senior year. They apply for schools, worry about the future, and look forward to what their new lives will entail. Which of course freaked me out even more. I started to look into college applications and all of the requirements needed. Requirements that I had yet to complete the last time I did research on colleges. This time, I met them all.

I've dreamed about this time in my life for so long! Now that I'm almost there I cant help, but want to slow down time. I love my life at the moment. I have a whole life ahead of me. Dreams that I have had for a long time can finally be set into motion.

I'm scared.

I'm rethinking the whole becoming a nurse thing. Something Ive wanted to become since I was a little kid. Why? I'm not sure. Or at least I don't want to admit the reason. I guess I don't want to fail. I love sleeping and free time. Nurses work a lot. I hate needles. Nurses poke a lot of people. I suck at science. Nurse= A lot of science. College is not cheap. I'm poor.

I like freaking myself out apparently.

I wonder at what point in this upcoming school year, I'm actually going to be excited about next year.
Most likely when I'm getting another demerit for my skirt length.

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Elisebeth said...

Hmm..I'm rethinking my future as well. Maybe it's just a senior thing?