Saturday, August 18, 2012


My mini-vacation ended today. :( It was a ton of fun though and I got a bunch of cellphone pictures!

My friends aunt owns a restaurant. So we went to the Restaurant Depot with her. It was a lot like Sam's club except more exclusive, more boxes, and its bigger!

They even had samples!
Octopus squid salad anyone?

One night we went to Lake Geneva to eat and shop.
Lots of tourists were out!

Im always full here!
We are either getting free food at the restaurant, eating ice cream, or going out to eat.
We just get a little spoiled!

One night we got bored and decided to dye my hair.
I think this might be my first bathroom picture involving a phone and a mirror.
On Wednesday Eric, Katie, Jenae, and I went to Six Flags!
We rode in the front of this roller coaster.
I love roller coasters but I was a little scared about riding in the front.
Eric held my hand though and I was laughing the entire time.
We went on the new x-flight ride!
My new favorite!

After riding the roller coasters we went to Hurricane Harbor.
We spent the majority of the time in the wave pool!
I love those!
I almost lost my top and bottom of my bikini.
Those waves could get rough!
After we got sunburned enough we headed to Gurnee Mills to shop!
"Im in my underwear! Dont take a picture!"
She is always in her underwear. ha
On Tuesday night Eric and I went to the beach.
Katie didnt want to go because she was crabby!

All of our picture together turn out like this.
No lie.
We are not very good at this.
Im sad to see our little vacation end!
School is right around the corner.
I think I might be ready!

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