Monday, August 20, 2012

I love...

... when Eric randomly kisses the side of my head. Does that sound weird? I'm serious though. Best thing ever!

... when your friends call you late at night, from your driveway, insisting you get out of bed and join them.

... mini-vacations with your boyfriend and one of your best friends!

... half-off smoothies from 10-7am.

... Netflix.

... when your friends parents are out of town. Parents are great, but sometimes they get in the way.

... re-runs. Brilliant idea!

... tips. I live for tips at work!

... my boyfriends Mom. ha Im totally kidding with this one. She hates me, Im not fond of her. Its a lovely thing.

... Six flags! Especially with Eric, Katie, and Jenae.

1 comment:

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

You really made me laugh on the boyfriends mom part. Btw, I love those kisses on the side of the head too.