Monday, August 6, 2012

Recap Monday

Ive decided that today I'm spending the day in bed.

Alicia: You look like crap! Did you go out last night?

That comment alone made me decide that I needed a day/night off.
Living it up, being a teenager, during the summer is taking a toll on me.
Especially those lovely bags under my eyes.
I need a nap.


I can officially put "Pizza maker" under my list of new acquired skills. While at work we were understaffed and crazy busy! So Caitlyn came up to me and asked, "Do you know how to make pizza's? If not than you are going to learn!". Umm okay? I made fantastic pizza's by the way.

Speaking of work. People are strange! I'm normally answering phones and some of the people I talk to are weird, annoying, crazy, cranky,etc.  There is never a dull day there. Caitlyn(one of the managers) are becoming pretty good friends because of our crazy customers.


There is never a dull moment with my friend Katie. A few nights ago we went on a late night smoothie run with Chase. After spending an hour at Chase's with his sister, her boyfriend, and a few other guys we started to head back. Of course strange things happen late at night. Three hours later we finally make it back home. After a run in with a dog, a cop, and a black truck. All while dressed to the nines in my favorite shirt. Just making memories!

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