Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Crasher

I can officially say that I have crashed a wedding reception.

My Saturday was packed full. I had to bring my sister to get a hair cut, and then to softball practice.
After that I had a date with Eric. We got coffee and he took me to Heritage Hill. Heritage Hill is this park that has all a ton of historical buildings you can tour and stuff. We arrived and the lady at the counter asked if we were the couple that was going to tour the chapel for our wedding. No. So we enjoyed our time walking around. Someone was actually having their wedding that day. It was a gorgeous fall day to have one! I tried convincing Eric to let me crash the wedding, but he had to go to work. While walking out the same lady told us if we ever do get married to consider doing it at Heritage Hill. She was really pushing this marriage issue.

So he went to work and I went on a coffee date with Shannon.

Afterwards I headed over to my friend Andrea's. Her Mom was in town. I love her Mom! We heard music coming from a neighbors backyard. Apparently Andrea had been invited to a house warming party. We just put two and two together and decided to follow the music. We arrived and their was a bride. We asked around a bit and found out that originally it was suppose to be a house warming party, but at the last minute they changed it to a wedding. Who does that? Angela(the bride) told us to stay and enjoy ourselves. Free food, drinks, a bonfire and a DJ! It was a good wedding reception! My friend Zach, his friend Kade, and our friend Alicia all joined in on the fun. Dell and Angela were the best bride and groom ever! It was a night for the books.

I love creating memories!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The bra

Weird things happen in physics class.
Especially when the random bra shows up. 
We are still not sure who it belongs to.
It was washed though!
The guys were worried about where it came from.

No worries!
We dont take our bras off in physics class and throw them around.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live a little

Discussion about all the people in the bible who God used even though their situation wasnt perfect. We talked about how we could relate in some way or another.

Miss. G: Mary got pregnant as a teenager. Not that Im telling you to get pregnant with the savior of the earth! But if that would happen it would be pretty cool, except it already happened.

Me: Haha Sydney this tweet is funny! It says "Gets drunk off of ginger ale #gingerproblems"
Sydney: I dont get it. Is ginger ale an alcholic drink?
Me: Only a ginger would ask that.

The conversation that led to me having to demolish my brownie in attempt to ditch the raisins.

Miss. G: Are these chocolate chips in the brownies?
Jordan: No, they are raisins.
Class: (laughs)
Miss. G: Seriously, they are chocolate chips?
Jordan: No, they are raisins. haven't you ever put raisins in brownies?
Miss. G: No! I thought you were kidding.


Senior year has not gone the way I thought it would have. It has been fun but I have also been shut down a lot. Sarah and I are attempting to enjoy this year to the fullest! Even if it involves being a little wild and crazy. Apparently wild and crazy is not acceptable at our school around certain people. 

Yay senior year! Or not. 

I just wish a few more seniors would loosen up a bit. I highly doubt that in ten years we are going to look back and say "I wish I would have done more homework instead of having fun with my friends!" Maybe I am totally off with this thought process. I just keep thinking that I will be working for the rest of my life. Why not let loose and enjoy myself now? I have no major worries at the moment. No bills to pay. No family that is depending on me. Young, wild, and free only happens for a short period. Carpe diem?

Done with my rant! 

I hope I didnt offend those boring studious people that will go most likely go farther in life than me. 
Or at least thats what society keeps telling me will happen.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Re-creating memories

This years school pictures we decided to have a little fun!
Since they will only be going on our I.D's.
Oh the perks of being a senior!

From left to right:
The Dorito- Sydney did not intend on her neck and face skin tones to be different colors. We did warn her!
The 80's twins: I borrowed Sarahs glasses! We could pass as sisters.
Grandma: Add a perm and my glasses and apparently you look like Grandma. She is still adorable! 

The real reason behind me borrowing Sarahs glasses was because of my Moms senior picture.
People are always saying we look a like and I thought it would be cool to recreate her picture in a  modern way.
Who would of thought that glasses that were in style when my Mom was in high school, would be back in style when her daughter is in high school!
I love my mom!
Im so glad to have done this.
Last but not least....I finished the bus.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

She's the best

She always makes me feel better, even when Im in a bad mood.

Mom: When you see a cute shirt that you know your sister would like, you buy it.
Me:That's because I'm sick of her stealing my shirts!

Mom:When I'm coughing in the middle of the night you bring me a bottle of water.
Me:That's because you woke me up and I cant fall asleep with you coughing!

Mom:You make dinner on nights that you think I sound tired on the phone.
Me: Mom, I made hamburger helper.

Mom: You spent hours in the hospital supporting your friend.
Me: I like hospitals. They had free food!

Mom:You struggle with holding grudges.
Me: I consider that a flaw.

Mom: You never go a day without telling me you love me.
Me: You're old. You could fall over at anytime and I don't want to regret my last words to you.

Mom: When you eat ice cream out of the tub you always leave the spoon.
Me: That's not a good thing.
Mom: No, but it gives me a reason to smile.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Applying Mascara

" I need to find an app that shows how to make the proper applying mascara faces!"
"Ill go with this one.."
The guide to applying mascara faces...ginger style
1) Open mouth. Tilt head up. Squint unused eye.
2) Open mouth wider. Tilt face down.
3) Close unused eye. Tilt head up again. Keep mouth open.
"Do you got this so far?"
"Oh yes I do!"

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We would make a great TV show

One day there was this annoying girl that drove people crazy.
She then met this annoying girl that drove people crazy.
They were often caught fighting, laughing about stupid things, distracting others, annoying people, glaring at each other,talking about Gilmore Girls, stealing clothes(oh wait she just steals mine!), being mistaken for being lesbians, coming up with mischievous plans, teasing gingers, and making fun of each other.
Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?
Our relationship is a lot like a roller coaster.
But I love roller coasters so I don't mind the ride!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chicago 2012

Honestly, I hear the big city calling my name!
I need to live here or in New York City.
I love everything about the big city!
The buildings, the noise, the homeless people begging for change, the shopping,etc.
My original plan was to share my love for the good ole' city of Chicago with my friends.
They all bailed except for Sarah.
At first I was bummed out, but now I would not have had it any other way!
We had least I did!
Once my parents and sister settled in for the night, Sarah and I went out.
The city at night is even more magical!
Some guy stopped us and offered to take our picture.
After the picture was taken he told us about some "chill" bars we should check out.
Bangers and Lace was at the top of his list.
Anyone interested?
A drunk lady wanted us to hug her.
We declined and then she mentioned something about Sarahs ass.
Sarah and I did a fabulous job at sneaking into a fancy hotel too!
Final Conclusions:
Im living in a big city someday.
I need to marry rich.
If you can only bring one friend, but don't want to pick which one.
Tell them all about the plans a month in advance!
They will all agree to go, but all but one will bail.
I cant believe it took me this long to figure out that strategy!
Concordia has officially been moved to plan B.
I want to work at a childrens hospital.