Monday, September 3, 2012

Chicago 2012

Honestly, I hear the big city calling my name!
I need to live here or in New York City.
I love everything about the big city!
The buildings, the noise, the homeless people begging for change, the shopping,etc.
My original plan was to share my love for the good ole' city of Chicago with my friends.
They all bailed except for Sarah.
At first I was bummed out, but now I would not have had it any other way!
We had least I did!
Once my parents and sister settled in for the night, Sarah and I went out.
The city at night is even more magical!
Some guy stopped us and offered to take our picture.
After the picture was taken he told us about some "chill" bars we should check out.
Bangers and Lace was at the top of his list.
Anyone interested?
A drunk lady wanted us to hug her.
We declined and then she mentioned something about Sarahs ass.
Sarah and I did a fabulous job at sneaking into a fancy hotel too!
Final Conclusions:
Im living in a big city someday.
I need to marry rich.
If you can only bring one friend, but don't want to pick which one.
Tell them all about the plans a month in advance!
They will all agree to go, but all but one will bail.
I cant believe it took me this long to figure out that strategy!
Concordia has officially been moved to plan B.
I want to work at a childrens hospital.

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