Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live a little

Discussion about all the people in the bible who God used even though their situation wasnt perfect. We talked about how we could relate in some way or another.

Miss. G: Mary got pregnant as a teenager. Not that Im telling you to get pregnant with the savior of the earth! But if that would happen it would be pretty cool, except it already happened.

Me: Haha Sydney this tweet is funny! It says "Gets drunk off of ginger ale #gingerproblems"
Sydney: I dont get it. Is ginger ale an alcholic drink?
Me: Only a ginger would ask that.

The conversation that led to me having to demolish my brownie in attempt to ditch the raisins.

Miss. G: Are these chocolate chips in the brownies?
Jordan: No, they are raisins.
Class: (laughs)
Miss. G: Seriously, they are chocolate chips?
Jordan: No, they are raisins. haven't you ever put raisins in brownies?
Miss. G: No! I thought you were kidding.


Senior year has not gone the way I thought it would have. It has been fun but I have also been shut down a lot. Sarah and I are attempting to enjoy this year to the fullest! Even if it involves being a little wild and crazy. Apparently wild and crazy is not acceptable at our school around certain people. 

Yay senior year! Or not. 

I just wish a few more seniors would loosen up a bit. I highly doubt that in ten years we are going to look back and say "I wish I would have done more homework instead of having fun with my friends!" Maybe I am totally off with this thought process. I just keep thinking that I will be working for the rest of my life. Why not let loose and enjoy myself now? I have no major worries at the moment. No bills to pay. No family that is depending on me. Young, wild, and free only happens for a short period. Carpe diem?

Done with my rant! 

I hope I didnt offend those boring studious people that will go most likely go farther in life than me. 
Or at least thats what society keeps telling me will happen.

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Sydney said...

Holy pointed. Mad at me when you were writing this? Gee wiz.