Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Re-creating memories

This years school pictures we decided to have a little fun!
Since they will only be going on our I.D's.
Oh the perks of being a senior!

From left to right:
The Dorito- Sydney did not intend on her neck and face skin tones to be different colors. We did warn her!
The 80's twins: I borrowed Sarahs glasses! We could pass as sisters.
Grandma: Add a perm and my glasses and apparently you look like Grandma. She is still adorable! 

The real reason behind me borrowing Sarahs glasses was because of my Moms senior picture.
People are always saying we look a like and I thought it would be cool to recreate her picture in a  modern way.
Who would of thought that glasses that were in style when my Mom was in high school, would be back in style when her daughter is in high school!
I love my mom!
Im so glad to have done this.
Last but not least....I finished the bus.

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