Saturday, September 8, 2012

She's the best

She always makes me feel better, even when Im in a bad mood.

Mom: When you see a cute shirt that you know your sister would like, you buy it.
Me:That's because I'm sick of her stealing my shirts!

Mom:When I'm coughing in the middle of the night you bring me a bottle of water.
Me:That's because you woke me up and I cant fall asleep with you coughing!

Mom:You make dinner on nights that you think I sound tired on the phone.
Me: Mom, I made hamburger helper.

Mom: You spent hours in the hospital supporting your friend.
Me: I like hospitals. They had free food!

Mom:You struggle with holding grudges.
Me: I consider that a flaw.

Mom: You never go a day without telling me you love me.
Me: You're old. You could fall over at anytime and I don't want to regret my last words to you.

Mom: When you eat ice cream out of the tub you always leave the spoon.
Me: That's not a good thing.
Mom: No, but it gives me a reason to smile.



EW you eat ice cream out of the tub?! haha jp but this is seriously so sweet awww!

Sydney said...

AWWWWHHH that gave me the goose bumps! Cutest thing ever! ; D