Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wedding Crasher

I can officially say that I have crashed a wedding reception.

My Saturday was packed full. I had to bring my sister to get a hair cut, and then to softball practice.
After that I had a date with Eric. We got coffee and he took me to Heritage Hill. Heritage Hill is this park that has all a ton of historical buildings you can tour and stuff. We arrived and the lady at the counter asked if we were the couple that was going to tour the chapel for our wedding. No. So we enjoyed our time walking around. Someone was actually having their wedding that day. It was a gorgeous fall day to have one! I tried convincing Eric to let me crash the wedding, but he had to go to work. While walking out the same lady told us if we ever do get married to consider doing it at Heritage Hill. She was really pushing this marriage issue.

So he went to work and I went on a coffee date with Shannon.

Afterwards I headed over to my friend Andrea's. Her Mom was in town. I love her Mom! We heard music coming from a neighbors backyard. Apparently Andrea had been invited to a house warming party. We just put two and two together and decided to follow the music. We arrived and their was a bride. We asked around a bit and found out that originally it was suppose to be a house warming party, but at the last minute they changed it to a wedding. Who does that? Angela(the bride) told us to stay and enjoy ourselves. Free food, drinks, a bonfire and a DJ! It was a good wedding reception! My friend Zach, his friend Kade, and our friend Alicia all joined in on the fun. Dell and Angela were the best bride and groom ever! It was a night for the books.

I love creating memories!

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