Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pizza Ranch Family

Yes, this is another post related to my job.
I just love my place of work so much, that I felt that it deserved another post.
This is my Pizza Ranch Family.
Pizza Ranch family meet the blog.

(I'm the one wearing a green shirt and white skinny jeans)

These pictures were taken on our first "hang out" night as a Pizza Ranch family.
Yes, we refer to each other as family now.
We are just that cool.
We went bowling.
My reaction to bowling was...
Me: I know understand why the put bars in bowling alleys. You need to be drunk in order to actually enjoy bowling.
Caitlynn: That's why I'm already on drink number three!

See that guy wearing a viking #12 jersey.
That is my pal AJ.
Who is in between Miles, Mark, and Lee.
In case you wondered who those strange guys were.
AJ insisted on being Caitlynns DD for the night.
Even though Caitlynn insisted she was just tipsy.
AJ: You are drunk!
Caitlynn: I am not drunk. If I was drunk my pants would be off.
AJ ended up running her car into a curb and scratching the front bumper.
Nothing like running your managers car into a curb.
Don't you just love family!?

Well, I will leave you with one last conversation I had recently with Amanda.
Apparently, she graduated from the school I currently attend.
She hated it there.
So when a bunch of her old teachers came into the restaurant she freaked.
Amanda: The people at NEW were all like "Praise Jesus!" and I was all like" Thank the Lord Im not pregnant yet!"
Caitlynn: So why weren't you liked at NEW?
Amanda: I smoked pot, got drunk, and then got pregnant after graduation. I didnt exactly fit in.
Did I mention how much I love it there?

Friday, October 26, 2012

Festival of Fun

Last night was one of those night that make me dread graduation.
I have no doubt in my mind that some, if not most of us will stay in contact after graduation.
Yet, it will never be the same after May 25th, 2013.
We will all be on different paths in life.
Making new friends, having new adventures, and forming new inside jokes.
Which is why I appreciate nights like last night.
We created memories and formed even closer bonds as a class.
We seized a moment of our fleeting teenage lives,
and now have another memory to place in the back of our minds.
A memory that will hopefully resurface in 10 or 20 years from now and make us smile.

Our Peer Ministry class held a Festival of Fun for Everyone.
It was a fundraiser to raise money for the church and school I went on a mission trip too in Haiti.
We planned the event and put it together in six days.
Our financial goal was met!

Im surprised by the amount of people that actually showed up!
Things like this are normally dubbed "lame" and have low attendance.
God always provides!

Best moment of the night:
Shannon yelling at a guy named Noah for making out with his girlfriend.
It included a broom, praying, asian eyes, and many "hand checks" afterwards.
I love that girl!
Miss. Griffin even put Shannon in charge of the "hand checks".

(notice the wii remote in the air)

I ended the night driving, buying, and decorating things with Elisebeth and Kayla.
Using the "you are only young once" excuse.

"We do dumb things while we are young, for we have something to smile at when we are old."

Goal for senior year:
Leave it with no regrets.

Monday, October 22, 2012

My Job

My Dad always said to me, "You will always remember your first job." He was not kidding. I've had my first real job since April. I truly love it! I think the people you work with can make or break how you feel about a job. I work with a bunch of great and funny people! It was and continues to be a perfect first job. A place where I can dip my toes into the work force and feel good about it.

Whenever I walk into the restaurant I'm greeted by Mark, Jeff, Matt, Jared, or AJ. Those greetings make my day! Even when Jeff see's me and says, "Oh great its you again." It's especially nice when I haven't worked in a few days and people notice!

I work with a bunch of jokesters. Which makes things interesting at times. The guys attempt to throw the dough like a basketball into the garbage, and they shoot window cleaner at each others crotches and Catelynn asks me to "babysit" the spray bottle. Most recently Jared took the shelving out of one of the fridges. He then proceeded to hide in it. Miles kept asking innocent people to grab something for him out of the fridge. Some of the reactions were priceless when they saw Jared. Apparently mine was the best. Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.

The Customers are a constant source of entertainment. We have had some really sweet ones, some ridiculous ones, and than a few that we avoid at all costs. A person has even been dubbed "The Viper". She keeps coming back even though she complains about every little thing! Jeff(a manager) hides when she comes in. Some how I landed a spot on the "people the viper likes" list. When answering phones you never know what to expect on the other line. I have had people call in and than put me on hold. Why would you call a restaurant and than put them on hold? Drunk people calling in is always fun! Catelynn and I always feel very loved, because they all insist that they love us.

My job is pretty great. I have guys that save me chicken and mashed potatoes after they tear down the buffet because they know I love bringing it home. I always have another story to tell whether it being Nicole shouting "Im getting a section!" and we all thinking she said, "Im getting a sex change" or Catelynn getting so involved with her story telling she flings her arms to the side and takes out the cheesy ranch sticks. We have "parties" in the parking lot involving lawn chairs. We get annoyed when people want to eat in the bunkhouse section because that means we have to clean "da funkhouse". We go bowling and bet on packer games. We laugh, complain, annoy eachother, and just have a great time.

And I thought I would hate working in the food industry....

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I hate when I get into blogging funks. I have so much to write about yet, I do not feel like typing it all out. So brief recap on my life the past week.

Alpacas at the Street Fair
My friend Sarah and I took a bus to Cedarville, Ohio.
Two white teenage girls spent fifteen hours on a Greyhound bus.
It was an adventure to say the least.
We met two guys named Dre and Kasey.
Sarah and I were attempting to sleep when Kasey(who was drunk) heard me sneeze.
That sneeze told him that a girl was on the bus.
He started talking with Dre and I.
Then proceeded to sit next to me, and join me in throwing things at Sarah(she was sleeping).
He asked if I wanted to do a puzzle with him.
I declined and he said "You are an asshole. Good thing you are cute." Umm thanks?
He then smoked in the bathroom, the bus driver caught him, the cops were called, and Kasey got kicked off the bus.
Kasey and the cop
We finally made it to Cedarville!
We smelled horrible and decided that taking a bus was a dumb idea.
Sarah's sister attends Cedarville so we stayed with her and her roomie.
It was a ton of fun!
The college actually made my list of potential schools I would like to attend.
Except its kind of strict.
Tough decision.

Rolling around in a giant tire anyone?
The room where Sarah made me endure an acting class in.
While at Cedarville we went to a hippy towns street fair. We almost stopped for coffee at the Spirited Goat cafe, was asked to sign a petition to legalize marijuana, and handed a brochure on reasons to become a vegetarian.
Good times.

Sarah and I won.

Four girls staying in a dorm room for a few days wasnt that bad.
If you can look past the mess we lived in.
Sarah and I decided showers get boring and shower buddies are the best!
Shower buddies as in someone showering in a stall next to you.
Lots of conversations going on there!

My facebook status describes the journey home perfectly.
"What a great roadtrip. Got lost in Gary, Indiana, traffic jam in Chicago, down pouring rain, Sarah whining about having to pee, Abbie and Rachel "rocking out" to Hilary Duff(including hand motions), and when not listening to Hilary Duff we listen to music by mother would enjoy. Ha. How much longer?"
Gary, Indiana is one scary place! We hit a pothole and thought it was a gun shot. Then when we finally made it back to the highway nobody was on it! Seriously, we drove for a while before we even saw a car.
Rachel eventually allowed us to listen to country music on the way back home.
Except it went like this.
Mention beer...change station.
Mention bikinis...change station.
Mention being frisky...change station.
It was ridiculous and a little funny.
I never noticed how much of that stuff is in country music.
We did get away with mentions of "the birds and the bees" and "skin on skin".
That is my quick recap.
It turned out to be a lot longer than I had planned.


Monday, October 8, 2012


I thought it was about time for another playlist post. Sorry to dissapoint you Sarah.

1) Merry Go' Round- Kacey Musgraves

2) My Kind of Crazy- Brantley Gilbert

3) Mary Was The Marrying Kind- Kip Moore

4) The A Team- Ed Sheeran

5) I Love You- Martina McBride

6) How To Be A Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds

7) Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

8) Sleepy Little Town- JT Hodges

9) Goodbyes Made You Mine- JT Hodges

10) Stealing Cinderalla- Chuck Wicks

11) Ready or Not- Bridgit Mendler

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Girl Crush

Time for another random post! I feel like I have no time anymore to blog. It's depressing.

1) I have a girl crush on Marina Diamandis.  I'm obsessed with her song "How To Be A Heartbreaker" as of late. I think I have formed this tiny crush because she has awesome lips, she is a brunette,and has an awesome voice. The lips part felt weird to type out, but lips/smile is the first thing I notice about a person. Well enough about my girl crush.
(image via google)
2) Heart problems are continuing. And I'm talking about the literal organ that pumps blood. I think its broken. Once again in the literal sense that it physical hurts all the time! Time to go get it checked out.

3) Sarah and I are going to be embarking on an adventure soon! She is forcing me to take a bus all the way to Ohio with her. I told my Dad recently about it. This was how it went.
Me: I'm going to be leaving in almost a week for Ohio.
Dad: Ohio?
Me: Yea I'm going with Sarah
Dad: What are you doing in Ohio?
Me: College visit
Dad: Oh.
Me: We are taking a bus.
Dad: What!? (His eyes got really big)
Me: That was my exact reaction!
Dad: Two girls on a bus is not my definition of safe.
Me: I thought the same thing. Except we wont be shaving our legs so no worries.
I do not remember the last time my Dad actually cared about me going somewhere.
I kind of like it.

4) My freshmen buddy intimidates me. Apparently we are a lot a like. At least that's what my friends keep saying...I actually see it a bit. Oh dear. There is already a confirmed rumor about her and a senior guy in my school. Apparently there was some making out and more going on in the woods. Stupid freshmen. Having a bad reputation already is not a good thing. I was not that boy crazy as a freshmen. Thank goodness!
5) While at work a guy came in and was ordering. He was alone and his family was meeting him there later. He asked if he could go sit down and have them come later. Of course I said it was fine. He then said "Well, if you see a beautiful woman with three kids walk in, that's my wife." I just about died! My goal in life is to marry a man that calls me beautiful even when I'm not around to hear it. Are there even any guys out there like that anymore?
6) I just admitted that I had a crush on someone else and asked if there was anymore decent guys out there. So here is my shout out to my guy. Who is pretty amazing and that I have a crush on!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

TV Shows

I love fall! The colors of the leaves changing, sweaters coming out of the closet, pies, and of course all of the shows that start!

So I'm going to bump that last part up on the list of my favorite things. Fall is my favorite season and there is a ton to do. But my favorite thing? Curling up in my bed, wearing an over sized sweatshirt, drinking Arnold Palmers, and catching up on my favorite TV shows. It is so relaxing!

My top favorite shows so far this season

1) Revenge
2) Parenthood

These two shows are not new. Which means I had to wait, what seems like an internity, for them to start! I am glad they are back and so far have not left my disappointed. Love them!

Shows I have attempted to watch

1) 666 Park Avenue

My favorite brother from Brothers and Sisters is in it! The first episode was a bit creepy. I am not a fan of shows that scare me. I have a feeling that it will be a show that does exactly that. Will I continue watching it? Maybe.

Shows that have not started yet I will be tuning into

1) Nashville

The Mom from Friday Night Lights is in this show! It also involves country music. Country music is my thing and I will gladly support a show about it. Hopefully it grabs my attention and will be added to my list of favorite fall shows!

So how about those fall leaves?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homecoming 2012

The last Homecoming of our high school lives has come and gone.
Where has the time gone?
The next time this comes around we will be alumni.
All on different paths, heading in different directions.

Of course we had to keep up with the traditions!
Getting ready at my house, taking pictures in front of my house, eating at fazoli's, heading to the East Town Mall, dancing the night away, and having fun with our night time festivities.

Since we were seniors a few of us decided to enjoy the rites that the title brings.
We bought silly string, used code words such as "chicken breasts", and raided the dance.
We pissed off some members of student council.
It was awesome!
Of course someone tattled on us and we had to clean up after the dance.
A small price to pay for enjoying ourselves.

After the dance we headed back to my house.
Had some girl bonding time.
After a few hours of that we headed out into the night.
We got caught for the first time in our four year history.
Good times!

We ended the night at the The Truck Stop.
Burgers sure taste good at four in the morning!
We crashed not soon after at my house.
I love these girls so much!
They have made my high school experience amazing.
We still have an entire year to continue on with our traditions and enjoy our time together!
Homecoming 2012. Check.