Saturday, October 20, 2012


I hate when I get into blogging funks. I have so much to write about yet, I do not feel like typing it all out. So brief recap on my life the past week.

Alpacas at the Street Fair
My friend Sarah and I took a bus to Cedarville, Ohio.
Two white teenage girls spent fifteen hours on a Greyhound bus.
It was an adventure to say the least.
We met two guys named Dre and Kasey.
Sarah and I were attempting to sleep when Kasey(who was drunk) heard me sneeze.
That sneeze told him that a girl was on the bus.
He started talking with Dre and I.
Then proceeded to sit next to me, and join me in throwing things at Sarah(she was sleeping).
He asked if I wanted to do a puzzle with him.
I declined and he said "You are an asshole. Good thing you are cute." Umm thanks?
He then smoked in the bathroom, the bus driver caught him, the cops were called, and Kasey got kicked off the bus.
Kasey and the cop
We finally made it to Cedarville!
We smelled horrible and decided that taking a bus was a dumb idea.
Sarah's sister attends Cedarville so we stayed with her and her roomie.
It was a ton of fun!
The college actually made my list of potential schools I would like to attend.
Except its kind of strict.
Tough decision.

Rolling around in a giant tire anyone?
The room where Sarah made me endure an acting class in.
While at Cedarville we went to a hippy towns street fair. We almost stopped for coffee at the Spirited Goat cafe, was asked to sign a petition to legalize marijuana, and handed a brochure on reasons to become a vegetarian.
Good times.

Sarah and I won.

Four girls staying in a dorm room for a few days wasnt that bad.
If you can look past the mess we lived in.
Sarah and I decided showers get boring and shower buddies are the best!
Shower buddies as in someone showering in a stall next to you.
Lots of conversations going on there!

My facebook status describes the journey home perfectly.
"What a great roadtrip. Got lost in Gary, Indiana, traffic jam in Chicago, down pouring rain, Sarah whining about having to pee, Abbie and Rachel "rocking out" to Hilary Duff(including hand motions), and when not listening to Hilary Duff we listen to music by mother would enjoy. Ha. How much longer?"
Gary, Indiana is one scary place! We hit a pothole and thought it was a gun shot. Then when we finally made it back to the highway nobody was on it! Seriously, we drove for a while before we even saw a car.
Rachel eventually allowed us to listen to country music on the way back home.
Except it went like this.
Mention beer...change station.
Mention bikinis...change station.
Mention being frisky...change station.
It was ridiculous and a little funny.
I never noticed how much of that stuff is in country music.
We did get away with mentions of "the birds and the bees" and "skin on skin".
That is my quick recap.
It turned out to be a lot longer than I had planned.


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