Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homecoming 2012

The last Homecoming of our high school lives has come and gone.
Where has the time gone?
The next time this comes around we will be alumni.
All on different paths, heading in different directions.

Of course we had to keep up with the traditions!
Getting ready at my house, taking pictures in front of my house, eating at fazoli's, heading to the East Town Mall, dancing the night away, and having fun with our night time festivities.

Since we were seniors a few of us decided to enjoy the rites that the title brings.
We bought silly string, used code words such as "chicken breasts", and raided the dance.
We pissed off some members of student council.
It was awesome!
Of course someone tattled on us and we had to clean up after the dance.
A small price to pay for enjoying ourselves.

After the dance we headed back to my house.
Had some girl bonding time.
After a few hours of that we headed out into the night.
We got caught for the first time in our four year history.
Good times!

We ended the night at the The Truck Stop.
Burgers sure taste good at four in the morning!
We crashed not soon after at my house.
I love these girls so much!
They have made my high school experience amazing.
We still have an entire year to continue on with our traditions and enjoy our time together!
Homecoming 2012. Check.

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