Monday, October 22, 2012

My Job

My Dad always said to me, "You will always remember your first job." He was not kidding. I've had my first real job since April. I truly love it! I think the people you work with can make or break how you feel about a job. I work with a bunch of great and funny people! It was and continues to be a perfect first job. A place where I can dip my toes into the work force and feel good about it.

Whenever I walk into the restaurant I'm greeted by Mark, Jeff, Matt, Jared, or AJ. Those greetings make my day! Even when Jeff see's me and says, "Oh great its you again." It's especially nice when I haven't worked in a few days and people notice!

I work with a bunch of jokesters. Which makes things interesting at times. The guys attempt to throw the dough like a basketball into the garbage, and they shoot window cleaner at each others crotches and Catelynn asks me to "babysit" the spray bottle. Most recently Jared took the shelving out of one of the fridges. He then proceeded to hide in it. Miles kept asking innocent people to grab something for him out of the fridge. Some of the reactions were priceless when they saw Jared. Apparently mine was the best. Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or not.

The Customers are a constant source of entertainment. We have had some really sweet ones, some ridiculous ones, and than a few that we avoid at all costs. A person has even been dubbed "The Viper". She keeps coming back even though she complains about every little thing! Jeff(a manager) hides when she comes in. Some how I landed a spot on the "people the viper likes" list. When answering phones you never know what to expect on the other line. I have had people call in and than put me on hold. Why would you call a restaurant and than put them on hold? Drunk people calling in is always fun! Catelynn and I always feel very loved, because they all insist that they love us.

My job is pretty great. I have guys that save me chicken and mashed potatoes after they tear down the buffet because they know I love bringing it home. I always have another story to tell whether it being Nicole shouting "Im getting a section!" and we all thinking she said, "Im getting a sex change" or Catelynn getting so involved with her story telling she flings her arms to the side and takes out the cheesy ranch sticks. We have "parties" in the parking lot involving lawn chairs. We get annoyed when people want to eat in the bunkhouse section because that means we have to clean "da funkhouse". We go bowling and bet on packer games. We laugh, complain, annoy eachother, and just have a great time.

And I thought I would hate working in the food industry....

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