Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pizza Ranch Family

Yes, this is another post related to my job.
I just love my place of work so much, that I felt that it deserved another post.
This is my Pizza Ranch Family.
Pizza Ranch family meet the blog.

(I'm the one wearing a green shirt and white skinny jeans)

These pictures were taken on our first "hang out" night as a Pizza Ranch family.
Yes, we refer to each other as family now.
We are just that cool.
We went bowling.
My reaction to bowling was...
Me: I know understand why the put bars in bowling alleys. You need to be drunk in order to actually enjoy bowling.
Caitlynn: That's why I'm already on drink number three!

See that guy wearing a viking #12 jersey.
That is my pal AJ.
Who is in between Miles, Mark, and Lee.
In case you wondered who those strange guys were.
AJ insisted on being Caitlynns DD for the night.
Even though Caitlynn insisted she was just tipsy.
AJ: You are drunk!
Caitlynn: I am not drunk. If I was drunk my pants would be off.
AJ ended up running her car into a curb and scratching the front bumper.
Nothing like running your managers car into a curb.
Don't you just love family!?

Well, I will leave you with one last conversation I had recently with Amanda.
Apparently, she graduated from the school I currently attend.
She hated it there.
So when a bunch of her old teachers came into the restaurant she freaked.
Amanda: The people at NEW were all like "Praise Jesus!" and I was all like" Thank the Lord Im not pregnant yet!"
Caitlynn: So why weren't you liked at NEW?
Amanda: I smoked pot, got drunk, and then got pregnant after graduation. I didnt exactly fit in.
Did I mention how much I love it there?

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