Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chinese food

Chinese food kind of looks gross.
Good thing it tastes so good!
Thursday night a few girls from school went to keep Martina company.
She was home alone for the weekend.
We wanted to represent both countries in the room so we ordered chinese food and pizza!
We spent a ton on food that night.
Than proceeded to watch chick flicks.
Funny moment: When we thought the chinese guy had arrived. He opened the door and just walked right into the kitchen. It ended up being Nina's brother.
After Martina and I went shoeless to go save Olivia from her grandparents at 1am,
we watched a scary movie.
I hate scary movies.
Between writing my research paper, cuddling with my cat, working, sleeping, and hanging out with friends I have been ridiculously busy!
My goal for this weekend was to clean my room.
It has yet to happen.

Random picture from this weekend:
Zach ordering food and pretending he actually has a beard.
Yay for no shave november?!
Which I am participating in too....jk maybe.

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