Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Damn it.
The obsession has resurfaced.
It started again because I ran across a blog.
The blogger was from Brooklyn.
I want to be in Brooklyn!
(photo via google images)
I honestly do not know why I am drawn to big cities.
Born(technically I was born in a town 30 minutes away) and raised in a semi-small town in Wisconsin.
Shouldn't I want to live surrounded by corn fields or something?
The fast paced life is the life for me!
A city that never sleeps?
Sign me up!
Example: My favorite time to shop is the holiday season. I like the crowds.

(photo via google images)
I have been to New York City once in my life.
I was in middle school.
My parents, sister, best friend, and I drove there.
It was magical!
We shopped at Macy's, went to Times Square, got a hotdog at a stand, and got splashed by a taxi cab.
I did not want to leave.
I live about four hours away from Chicago.
My parents know about my obsession with big cities and we go there often.
I know downtown Chicago farely well already.
I always love going but its not New York City.
Plus I always have to go home after a day or two.

(photo via google images)
Once upon a time I gave up my NYC living dreams.
I want to be a nurse.
I almost convinced myself to go get a degree in business for I could somehow work NYC into my future.
Low and behold I stuck with nursing.
Its my calling.
I started researching nursing in New York City.
People, it is totally possible!
Everyone says its tough though.
Long hours, stress, and rent is expensive!
I can do long hours, I can handle stress, and I love ramen noodles.
So once I am in college and complaining every day about how hard becoming a nurse is, I would like to be reminded about my goal.
To live in NYC as a nurse.
Go big or go home!
And don't tell anybody but I might have been looking at apartments already.
Do you think 5 years is to soon?

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