Saturday, December 15, 2012

Foods I would probably enjoy if they didnt gross me out

Eggs: Every time I see one sizzling on the frying pan, in tons of butter, and with a bit of pepper sprinkled on top, I start salivating. Fried until the edges are crisp and then the yolk is broken and allowed to ooze out. After the yolk becomes more solid I plop that egg on my plate. I take one bite of the yolk part and start gagging. Not because it tastes bad, but because I think of what this egg could have been. My egg then gets passed on to either the garbage or an egg lover.

Bananas: I love them in smoothies, and that's about it. They smell good and taste sort of good. I get grossed out when the stringy stuff comes along with the banana and it's so mushy! Plus have you seen what a banana resembles? No straight face eating goes on when a banana is involved for me. That is why you will never see me eating a banana...ever.

Calamari: Aka:Squid. I was fine until I got to the chewy tentacle and then my boyfriend got to witness my half eaten squid tentacle fall from my mouth to the plate. End of story.

Liver paste: My Uncle was trying to convince me to try it. I didn't. The name says enough....

To be continued....

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