Monday, December 24, 2012


Every year, I tell myself that this holiday season, will be different. I'll get into the spirit of the holidays by baking, listening to Christmas music, and wearing ugly sweaters. All of a sudden Christmas is tomorrow and I find myself, once again, disappointed because I didn't get into the holiday spirit. My parents and sister even went to get a Christmas tree and decorated it without me!

On a brighter note, since I hate surprises, my sister told me what my mom got me for Christmas! Shampoo and conditioner. Apparently, my mom overheard me talking about needing some and thought it would be a nice addition under the tree.

Don't worry it gets better! I woke up not being able to breath out of my nose, my head felt like it was going to explode, I couldn't stop sneezing, and my eyes kept watering. While attempting to sleep off this strange illness, my mom apparently found youtube.

Except, she doesn't get the concept of waiting for something to load. It's all stop, listen, stop, listen,stop,etc. I just love being waken up by segments of people singing Christmas songs. I included the video to add to my sob story.

Just call me the scrooge.
Christmas hates me, and I hate it.
Prepare for a nice post tomorrow about the real reason for the season.
You know it's the night of our dear saviors birth?

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Sydney said...

You spelled breathe wrong. Haha. Gotcha!