Sunday, December 2, 2012

She's a little sister

A few days ago my Dad was talking about class rings. Which of course led to a story about how his friends brother pawned my dads ring. I'm almost positive my dad still holds that grudge.  My Mom said she never got one. Then she proceeded to tell me about how she lost her older sisters class ring.

Then it all clicked.

My mom is someones little sister.

It only took seventeen years to really put two and two together.

Losing that ring was a typical little sister thing to do.

That explains why my parents always side with my little sister. They are both #3 in the birth order. They do not know all the crap that the oldest sibling has to deal with. In other words, I have been doomed since the birth of my sister.

Time to do my weekly sweep of my sisters room. My things magically appear in there. This will be a good topic to bring up at our families Christmas gathering. Kick back a few with my aunts and complain about all the things us older siblings have to deal with.

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