Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wedding 2012

This past weekend was my Uncle Keith and Aunt Gail's wedding.
After ten years of dating they finally decided to tie the knot!
Of course a wedding means that the relatives come to town!
Her Mom was trying to figure out the best setting for her camera.
Julie got bored of posing.
I have a fairly large extended family and getting us all together is not an easy feat.
I especially love when my two cousins from Idaho come to town!

Me, Julie, and Aunt Karen
I'm stuck smack dab in the middle of the cousins.
My closest oldest (by blood) cousin is 22(lives in Utah) and my closest younger cousin is 13.
I have a ton of little cousins under the age of thirteen and four cousins 22 and over.
So that has left me hanging out with the adults for the majority of my life.

Me, Julie, and my sister
I love my younger cousins, but relating to them is difficult.
I don't enjoy playing with fake guns and swords and they do.
The great thing about me getting older is that the older cousins have finally accepted me!
I have upgraded from a "little" cousin.
About time!

My Dad, sister, and I
So on Friday my parents, my little cousins, and a few aunts and uncles went to Wisconsin Dells.
Leaving the "left overs" at my Aunts for dinner.
Three beer runs later the conversation was getting interesting.

L to R: My sister, Anthony, Me, Zakary, Julie, and Levi
On Saturday we had dinner at a bowling alley/bar.
My family likes to drink if you haven't caught on to the pattern yet.
We had the best cheese curds ever!

The cousins
Sunday morning I had coffee with my cousins Julie and Levi.
Then we got ready for the wedding reception.

Many pictures were taken....

My Family, Bride and Groom, and my grandma

My mommy and I
My lesbian cousin Gina brought her girlfriend home for the weekend.
My Mother had always told me "Hate the sin, love the sinner" haha
So I really hit it off with her girlfriend.
She was so nice!
I even got an invite to watch the packer game with her and Gina.

Grandma with youngest grandchild
Cute Alarm Clock
Zakary: It is 10:24! Time to rise and shine.
Gina: Zakary, want to come cuddle with me?
Zakary: No. (walks out of the room)

L to R: Me, Grandma, Emory, Jonna, and my dad

Emory and Jonna
It was a good weekend that I did not want to end.
I got promoted to the upper cousin group, bonded with the family, and made a lot of memories.
Hopefully it doesnt take another five years to get us all back together!

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