Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

It's our families tradition to cut down a christmas tree and tackle each other into the snow.

My mom is 60 and she still participates in our annual snow tackling session.
I hope I can do that when Im here age.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Vodka and The Fish

This happened….
I was clearing things from Jessie's desk and she had a cup filled with a clear liquid.
The sink was far away and I decided to just it pour it into the fish tank.
I probably should have smelled it before hand….
Jessie doesn't know about this.


My floor decided to have a study session on Monday.
Bad idea.
We started at 7pm and stopped at 1am.
I think we might have gotten in an hour of legit studying.
We talked about everything from religion to cats.
It was a good time!

I have a new roommate!
It's my friend Shandell and I'm excited…or I was until I saw the amount of stuff she has!
I took this picture when she wasn't even half moved in.
I might get lost trying to navigate around that pile...


Shandell may or may not have interrupted our RA having sex with her boyfriend.
She tried to play it off, but it was so obvious.
Sorry Emily!

I love college.
It brings a constant flow of these kinds of stories.

Monday, December 9, 2013


I'm dying a slow death, because of finals.
I have two more to go and then I am home bound!

Catch you on the flip side!
Enjoy this picture of the gazebo on campus.
I love this place.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Facebook Status

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are enjoying this day with your family and friends.


I found this website that takes your old Facebook statuses and creates new ones out of the old. It's kind of entertaining.

  • Im so cute and pretzel gold fishies, m&ms, a pepsi, and Bacon!
  • Little Brat. Well I was a spider on the side of the side of school early for every question for me
  • and i have fantastic softball catching skills…
  • Actually, I tripped running in the bachelor, watch it
  • Shannon your legs look like her.
  • Days of trying to take pictures of your closet, composes a womens seminar on marriage.
  • Canadians frustrate me!!
  • Teaching Syd how to go somewhere other then Starbucks

I got elected to be secretary for campus ministries! What is campus ministries? It's like campus crusade or any other christian club/organization on a college campus. That's right. I spent my entire junior and senior year avoiding church and once I get to college I hold an office for a christian club on campus. College does weird things. 

Trying to describe "Franks and Beans"during the game catch phrase at campus ministries thanksgiving meal.

Megan: It's another name for a hot dog and also its my dads name.
Pastors Wife: Weiner?
Megan: What?! No, that is not my dads name.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Old and New

So I ended my 2 1/2 year relationship not to long ago. It should have ended sooner, but it's hard to let go of something that helped define you for so long. It was a relationship that was like a bad addiction. I knew it wasn't leading anywhere good, yet I couldn't quit it. Eric and I both grew up and we changed. There was no hard feelings and eventually I would like to be friends with him. That normally never works out, but we will see.

So that ended and not soon after Luke walked into the picture. Im not sure if I started falling for him when he was pushing me around in a grocery cart in our hall, when Shania Twain's, "Man I feel like a woman" started playing and we both rocked out to it in the car, or when I said, "I can't jump into another relationship. Im sorta damaged goods at the moment" and he responded, "I can wait."

So we will see where this goes. I want to take things slow and just have fun.

He loves adding character to pictures.

Floor bonding! 
His feet are huge.
As you can clearly see when compared with my shoes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

You Don't Have Later

Sorry for all the posts about death.
It has just been on my mind recently and this is the place where I vent.
If you have read my recent posts you know that my friend Ciera died on November 16, 2013. Her friend was driving, they took a sharp turn, and ended up rolling the car multiple times. Neither of the girls were buckled up and passed away at the scene. 

She had a fight with her Dad on Friday night and stormed out of the house.
That's the last time her Dad would see her alive.

I can't wrap my mind around that.

People always think that they have time.
When really you have no idea how much time you have to apologize, to chase a dream,  or even time to  spend with people you love.

Thirteen days before Ciera died her cousin wrote this on her Facebook page.
Those girls had no clue that in thirteen short days one of those girls would die.
Nothing lasts forever and life is no exception.

Twelve days before she died this was Ciera's Facebook status.
No one should feel unimportant.
I wish I would have messaged her and told her how important she was.
Instead, I continued scrolling down the page.
Completely ignoring her.

She got that tattoo.
"I will always stand by your side"
Her tattoo has even more meaning even though she isn't physically standing by our side.
She will never have the chance to see that tattoo on her aging skin nor will she ever age past the age of 18.

No one knows when there time is up.
Stop thinking that you will accomplish your goals, chase your dreams or talk to someone later.
You may not have a later.

Friday, November 22, 2013

High School

In high school I didn't study much, I valued fun over homework, and I probably could have done better. Do I regret how I spent high school now that I am in college?

Hell no.

When is the next time that I will be able to spend 5 days every week goofing off with my best friends? When will I be able to frivalously spend money on food and random adventures and not worry about how I am going to pay my bills? When is the next time I will be able to live a care-free life and focus on just myself?

Sure, I could have picked up better study habits. I could have tried to get a 4.0 and spent my weekends studying. Instead, I have four years of memories that I will always cherish. I will never again have that life I had in high school. I'll never be that person again.

I'm stressed, my grades make or break my major, and I am in debt already.

I really am missing high school.

At the same time I really love college.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Random Thought

Isn't it weird how in such a short amount of time people can change? Every once in a while you catch a glimpse of who they use to be, but you know that they will never fully go back to the person they once were.

In other news….

I am on the official invite list for the frat parties here. I am pretty proud of myself. I got on the invite list without even touching a guy! If you know anything about frat parties, then you know that is not an easy feat. They must love my judgmental glares, the fact that I find beer(the drink of choice at frat parties) disgusting, and that I would not touch them with a ten foot pole.

My mom would be proud.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Death Sucks

Death sucks.

I know they are suppose to be in a better place, but it's hard to accept that they are gone for this world. When a person dies you are just left with an empty feeling, way to many "what-if's", and a ton of unanswered questions.

2013 was just suppose to be the year she graduated high school. It was suppose to be a year that she looked back on fondly, because it held so many milestones. Instead, it's the year on her tombstone.

Twin Cities

Luke and I decided that we needed to head to the cities.
We officially live in Minnesota and it was time to branch out past Winona.

My cousin and her girlfriend live in Minneapolis and we decided to get lunch with them.
What was suppose to be an hour long thing went on for three hours!
I guess I can't complain.
We had a good time and Luke wants to take them up on their offer to stay longer next time.

Our next stop was the Mall of America!
We both do not like malls or shopping.
So I am not sure why we thought that was a good idea.
It took us a good 30 minutes to find a parking spot.
Then some guy asked if he could jump his car.
When we tried to start my car it wouldn't turn on!
We let it sit for ten minutes and then it finally worked.
I still can't explain that one, but I blamed Luke since he was driving.

We ate at Dick's Last Resort.
They create hats for you to wear and the waters/waitresses make fun of everyone.
Our waitress threw napkins and straws at us.
She sat on our table when talking with us.
It was a good time.
We were seated on the second floor and would shoot the paper from our straws at the table below us.
I highly suggest eating at that place!

We then hit up a comedy show.
Josh Wolf, a comedian on Chelsea Lately, was performing!
I was so excited to see him.
He was hilarious!

On our way back to Winona, Luke got us pulled over.
Apparently, not following the speed limit is frowned upon.
The officer let us go with a warning and we continued on our way singing to 80s music.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Only the good die young

I should have stayed in touched with you when you moved.
I should have responded better when you randomly messaged me on Facebook a month ago.
You went to my church and I never even bothered to find out if you had a relationship with God.

You're not suppose to die when you're 18.
You had a rough life, but you always seemed to have a smile on your face.
You fit in well with our church youth group.

I don't think it will ever sink in that you are gone.
Young people only die in movies.
You were suppose to grow old.
You just graduated high school and had a whole life ahead of you.

Only the good die young.
You were definitely one of the good ones.
Rest in peace Ciera.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Shit other people tweet about my roommate

*I just found this post in my drafts. Apparently, I never got around to posting it, but it deserves to be recognized. I sure do miss good ole' Janine.*

My roommate has yet to figure out that we all check her twitter.
This had led to them tweeting some funny tweets about her.
They are much braver then I am and actually hope she finds them on twitter.



I don't remember what this was about but it's about her!

Im not the only one that thinks she is crazy!
It's true.
I freak out about the small things she does now.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to get rid of your roommate

My roommate randomly moved out a few weeks ago. Ever since that occured people have been asking me how I did it! Apparently, a lot of people do not like there roommates and want the advice of the "master." So I am going to share my easy five step plan and I hope it works out well for you too!

(I'm assuming these steps work if your roommate is male too.)

1. Attempt to Talk With Her
I would say goodbye, hello, and what are your plans this weekend. Apparently, that was way to much conversing.

2. Ask Her to Turn Off the Lights at 3am
She would never sleep at night and then would sleep the entire day. I had classes in the morning and one night I got sick of being woken up constantly and I asked if she could turn off the overhead light. She moved out four days later.

3. Spend Six Hours in the Library Per Night.
It got to the point where I hated being in the same room as her. She wouldn't talk and she smelled bad. I would spend my entire night in the library and only come back to sleep around 1am. Maybe, she hated never knowing when I would return?

4. Clean Up After Her
She never took out the garbage. She never vacuumed. She never cleaned the bathroom. She never cleaned out the microwave. I must have drove her crazy, because I made sure our room did not look like a garbage dump! She must have felt out of her element.

5. Have More of a Social Life Than Her
I would go out with friends, friends would pick me up at my room,etc. She must have hated not having friends and decided to seclude herself even more.

In all seriousness I have no idea why Janine moved out. Three people have asked to move in with me since she has gone. So, I am clearly not the problem and she just had to work on some of her own issues alone.

Me: Janine moved out!
Mom: Did she go live with her own people?*

*My mom is not racist, but Janine was. That is why my mom made this comment.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Emily: My mom wouldn't let my boyfriend spend the night, but she was fine with me spending the night at his house. She was like, "You can sin all you want just not in my house."
Danielle: Winona is a party school. They don't mention that in the brochure.

Prof: I once had a student that dressed up as a bee and got her picture in the newspaper. The article was titled, "Too Buzzed" and she spent the night in jail.
Scott: The highlight of my night was coming back to the dorms at the same time as our RA. She was just as hammered as I was. It was a real bonding moment.
Emily: I can't afford to drink! I drank an entire bottle of wine one day. That was worth $20 and all I had to show for it was a hangover and some bad decisions.
Prof: What do you plan on doing tomorrow?
Sarah: Studying!
Prof: Good answer! If that studying lands you in jail I have a little money set aside for your bail.
Danielle: I knew my professor wasn't going to be in her office, because her salamanders just arrived.
Rae: Wait, what?
Danielle: She needed their blood. Any way..
Rae: Of course she did.
Alyssa: I was driving my sister to the hospital. I mean I was driving her to the mall.
Rae: How do you even get those confused?

Emily: I can't believe she didn't try and stop me from saying yes to warm tuna! I was clearly in distress.

Conversation with my mom via text.

Mom: I found bunny ears in your car. Can I wear them for Halloween?
Me: Sure.
Mom: Why do you have playboy bunny ears in your car any way?
Me: Why did you ask to wear my playboy bunny ears?
Mom: That was suppose to be a joke.

Danielle: My favorite part was when we went bar hopping. (looks around the room) I'll tell you about that after bible study.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Time for another one of Sarah's favorite blog posts! I haven't done a playlist blog post in a while. I'm working on planning my colleges big spring concert, so I've been listening to all sorts of good music.

  1. Best Songs Come From Broken Hearts- Bonnie Bishop
  2. No Faith in Brooklyn- Hoodie Allen
  3. When a Heart Breaks- Ben Rector
  4. Skyscraper- Demi Lovato <--- Dont judge. I have yet to have Justin Bieber on these playlists.
  5. White Walls- Macklemore
  6. Holding On To You- Twenty One Pilots
  7. Let Her Go- Passenger
  8. What Now- Rihanna
  9. Best I Ever Had- Gavin DeGraw
  10. Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Rey

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I've really enjoyed this fall.
The weather hasn't been to cold and I've done lots of seasonal things! I went to a corn maze, attended Halloween parties, decorated pumpkins, watched Halloween themed movies(Hocus Pocus and Halloween town), made caramel apples, and watched all of Roseanne's Halloween themed episodes.

Whenever I go to a party that has dancing I always feel out of place.
I blame that on the fact that my school dances never allowed grinding.
I do not understand how grinding your ass on some random guys junk is considered dancing. 
Damn christian school.
Maybe, Id be a pro and think that this kind of "dancing" was cool if it was allowed.

My friends make fun of me, but they have saved me from tons of random guys trying to "dance" with me.
Kennedy either pretends to be my pissed off boyfriend or Sammie gets behind me instead(not for I can grind on her. fyi)
"Did you see that creepy guy behind you? That's why I insisted we needed a refill" 

These two out crazy me every time I go out with them.
I'm not use to that, but I enjoy the challenge.
They are the people that my mother warned me about.
It's nice being the "innocent" one for once.

I was walking to the gas station with some friends.
A guy walked past us in torn clothes, covered in blood, and was crying on the phone.
We all figured that it was a Halloween costume and that he was at the emotional drunk stage.
We could not be more wrong.
All of a sudden we see police cars and an ambulance pull up next to the guy.
Apparently, he had gotten beaten up at some party.
I felt bad for him.

My lungs were innocent until my senior year in high school.
Smoking never really appealed to me and I hated the smell.
Then I went to college and my lungs deserve my apology.
Hookahs and swishers have taken me to the dark side.
I'm still not a fan cigarettes and I consider smoking to be extremely unattractive.
Go figure.
If you would have told me a year ago I would be doing this, I would not have believed you.

So when I am not studying, going to the occasional party, hanging out at the smokers corner, and avoiding guys that want to be grinded on, I bake cupcakes with my friends.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

WSU Pass Outs

It only took me 2 1/2 months, but I have finally made it on WSU Passouts.
WSU Passouts is where pictures of passed out drunk people at Winona State end up on twitter.
I was 100% sober in my debut.

I am so proud of myself!
Luke and I were hanging out at the smokers corner and posed with drunk David.
Good times.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Homecoming 2013

My first college homecoming came at a perfect time.
It occurred right after a stressful week of midterms, which meant that I needed to let loose.

It all started on thirsty Thursday.
Hypnotist show, pre-graming with my suite mates, hanging out at the smokers corner, walking with a group of drunk people that I didn't know, trying to prevent a fight to occur people strangers, helping a girl find her I.D. after dropping it while peeing in some random person's bushes, introducing Jonah to Erberts and Gerberts, and somehow ending up in my bed around 2ish.
Friday night I was set on not going out, because I had stuff to get done.
Sammie was not hearing it and insisted I join her.
We ended up at a frat house by 8:30pm.
Kennedy went outside to puke and never returned.
Sammie called him and found out he was trying to walk to La Crosse.
After finding him and dragging him back to the dorms he proceeded to fall asleep in my bed...again.

A few hours passed, he puked, and woke up wanting to leave.
So I spent an hour attempting to find his damn room key, stopping an RA from ticketing him, and I eventually left him in David's room.
Who is David?
No clue.

On Saturday morning I had to wake up early for the parade.
I am part of UPAC and we made a mini-island float.

Some people put more effort into their floats...

I decided to spend my night watching Netflix until a girl I met at bible study invited me to go out.
I hung out with her for a while and when I returned to my dorm room, Janine told me that she was moving out!
That was the best part of my weekend!

First college homecoming. Check.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Gazebo

Taken during the club fair.
My college has a gazebo in the center of the campus. 
It's a gathering place for drunk people at night, a cozy place to talk with people, people bring out guitars and play them,etc.

It reminds me of the fictional town of Stars Hollow.
Actually, my entire campus reminds me of Stars Hollow.
I'm constantly running into people that I know.
 There are always random events going on near the gazebo.
You can walk almost anywhere.

I love my Stars Hallow.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Shit My Ex-Roommate Tweets

Well, the roommate has taken her shit and moved out.
Apparently, I am to much to handle or something like that.
She didn't  really give me a reason and I didn't ask.
She did make her twitter public again!

True story.

And that is why you have no friends...or life.

I know! I've been trying to get rid of that smell you brought in with your hair dye with your febreeze!
It has not worked.

Honey, that smell is your fault.
Read above for explanation.
(Edit: Janine has been gone for a few days and the smell is gone. Theory=proven)

Why didn't you hire me!?
Your desk is my #1 complaint.

And you are just a fantastical.

1. We are not hoes.
2. You are not nice.