Monday, January 14, 2013

Another depressing post about senior year

Mom: I feel bad for you and your friends.
Me: Why?
Mom: You are growing up. You might have a few more sleepovers before you go your separate ways. Maybe a few more after that. It will never be the same though and I hate that.

We are the victims of growing up.

I guess I'm not really scared of the future. I am just scared of...

Who and what will change.
Who will be replaced.
Who and what I might not have anymore.

The majority of the people I go to school with suck. So many of my friends can't wait to get out for that sole reason. Except that school and those people are the reason we became friends. That school brought us under the same roof. Those people are the ones we didn't choose, because we had found someone better.

Those people we complain about today, wont be part of our lives anymore once we graduate. We will have new people that drive us crazy, except those people will be in Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Only one will know those new annoyances, and they will be complete strangers to the other three.

My friend recently tweeted, "Getting out of here would solve 95% of my problems."

I completely disagree.

The entire world is filled with the same problems, just different people.

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Sarah Moran said...

GAHHHHHHHHH!!!:( Come with me! lol